1. Indeed. And becides, who doesn't wanna see a nice picture from time to time. Outweighs all the negativity

  2. Well that’s new to me after several hundred hours of game play I only ever had one horse fully die once and that was early on

  3. You might be mixing up the story mode with online. Horses can't fully die in online.

  4. If you shoot a critically injured horse in the head they die. You have to pay to get them back, that’s a full death

  5. Misunderstood you on that part. Thought you meant that they are dead permanently after.

  6. Oh damn, this unlocked memories I forgot I got.... I miss it.. Fun times..maybe even the best.

  7. No... it's probably everyone's individual clip. As this has happened to me in every playthrough

  8. I was wrong. Only the emote is available till August 8th. Double money all month baby!

  9. Not REALLY, they have their vision of what they want to do and kinda discard any ideas we have... though if you pat them on the back enough, you might sway them to give your idea a second look...

  10. First I was like " oh that's actually quite cool"... Then it happened... I don't get what's so fun about it.

  11. Low GamerScore usually means it's a new account, and other crews sometimes send alt accounts to spy on other crews, it's a safety thing

  12. Okay gotcha. Am on ps4 so it didn't really make sense for me. Thanks for explaining.

  13. Am I the only one that thought gabe would be a Werwolf and not a vampire?

  14. No lol I probably won’t until they force me too by deleting legacy

  15. I feel that. Only that I can't play legacy anymore already. No servers are shown.

  16. If you buy the full access version of the game from their website, you get all of the currently released playable dinosaurs. Future dino releases you'll have to buy on their own, but they should be inexpensive (considering a pack of 4 is/was $7.)

  17. Do you know by any chance if you need to buy the game again when you already own the pc and phone version?

  18. Also if you sort new and scroll down you’ll see I’m one of the only active people here and no matter what I do, people downvote and say hateful things in the comments. It’s a terrible subreddit and no wonder nobody wants to try this game out, you’re all dick heads!

  19. Honesty I didn't really see any negative thing yet 🤔. Fair, not that active here and only see the posts when actually posted but still.

  20. Does anyone know if you need to buy it again if you already have the pc and phone version?

  21. Op Just posted all the assets in the comment section. I assume it's an outlaw pass one though.. I don't recognize it from the catalog.

  22. I’ve only ever bought one outlaw pass it may have been a limited item so hopefully they will bring it back I can’t remember which it was from. But I also have a corset that was taken off aswell so maybe…just maybe

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