1. Very nice daytime strain! I enjoyed the berry aroma when I broke it up by hand. Those fat nugs…

  2. Is that the whole half in the pictures? I think the scale of the jar is throwing me off. Looks like a tenth.

  3. I always ask to see.They won't let you touch at a couple of our dispensaries, but will show you.I've never been told no.Getting old/dry medicine sucks!

  4. I just put a orange peel in mine for a day to refresh it it works oddly enough but im way to anxious to ask ever to see the day or anything they do show me just from so far away 🤦‍♀️

  5. Dosnt meet I get a say (on the harvest date) at the despensery I get what I get and I don't get upset

  6. Just commented on another post of this same strain it is a pretty nice strain I'd like to try the just the sauce cart of this but the price ouch!! Way too much for a half g cart I know me that shit will be gone in a day.

  7. It definitely is a nice strain very pretty to and I understand the price and going through it to fast I can't do carts cuz I suck them all up in a day

  8. I love this strain, I got a jar sitting in front of me as well

  9. Yea I don't see OZ's of it often but when I do it's always like $320

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