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  1. I used to worry about this until I realised the vast majority of people have absolutely no idea what they're doing.

  2. Even if you are very competent, the vast numbers of incompetent labor will reduce your bargaining power and thus both your income and your job stability. The hiring managers can't distinguish between the competent and the incompetent because that would require the exact same skills and knowledge it take to be competent in the first place, and chances are the hiring managers aren't software developers.

  3. The source is me. I've been in the business 25 years. I have eyes and ears. Some things you don't need to spend a million dollars studying to know. For example, I don't need to cite some study to tell me that there are more people using the Internet today than in 1998.

  4. The calculator on the right is correct. The multiplication should be done after the division because multiplication and division have the same precedence.

  5. This has already been answered actually; the Casio is demonstrating a convenience mode that assumes parentheses around 2(2+1) due to no overt multiplication symbol. The phone demonstrates what would be normal order of operations taught in schools.

  6. Still wrong. So I have to question the convenience. Casio should have simply added the parentheses if no operator was used.

  7. GRRM definitely stated how Hodor became Hodor. DnD are not that clever.

  8. Depends on what you mean by win. Robb could not take King's Landing. He could help Stannis take the city, but he would have to bend the knee to Stannis. Really, he should have done that as soon as Renly was killed.

  9. While Roose kind of forgot about the his wife's pregnancy and Ramsay's cruelty, they certainly haven't forgotten about him. - David Benioff

  10. No bad season can retroactively ruin the first six good seasons. You should watch it for several reasons. First, you don't want curiosity nagging at you. Second, you'll still be entertained the first time you watch it because the production values and acting are still very good. Third, there are a bunch of really good scenes despite the bad writing.

  11. I think DnD did Stannis dirty from the beginning, but that at least means it wasn't out of the blue. So Daenerys' change was worst. In the show, Stannis was always a tragic character.

  12. Time acts funny in the last two seasons. Trips that took months occur in days. People arrive in unexpected order. Dany's transformation takes place in seconds rather than years. People assume that time is a strict progression from cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

  13. The writers made it look like the white walker was looking right at Sam for the cliffhanger, but he was not. Sam was "hidden" behind the rock and wasn't notice. A bit of lame writing in an otherwise good episode.

  14. From my perspective, the Jedi are evil

  15. After what Disney did to Star Wars, I don't want them anywhere near Game of Thrones.

  16. If any film studio could turn Gregor Clegane into a rated "PG" character, it's Walt Disney. ( yeah, I don't want to see this.)

  17. You should watch all seasons at least the first time. You don't want to wonder how it ended.

  18. The Starks stay at Winterfell. Robert still dies. Joffrey becomes king, but pisses off so many people, he's eventually assassinated by someone. Tommen becomes king. Tyrion is probably not accused of killing Joffrey, so Tywin still lives and mentors Tommen.

  19. I vote for a new one, House Hodor. Words: Hodor. Sigil: a door.

  20. If the reaction wasn't severe, we'd only get crap spinoffs. Now, HBO is aware of the problem of bad writing taking down a franchise. I'd rather have one good spinoff than 10 poorly written ones. Special effects and cinematography only take you so far.

  21. Pretty bound by spoilers. Probably has to be season 1. Hound v Mountain after Loras beats him. The entire scene. Including the pre joust banter

  22. Excellent choice. Shows off Game of Thrones, is true to the first five seasons, and spoils nothing.

  23. There are such videos, but don't watch them. There are things going back to season 1, episode 1 that are not revealed for seven seasons.

  24. House Cock and Bulls headed by Ser Wilder who wields the greatsword the Rising Taj.

  25. Ser Arthur Dayne was the best swordsman ever, and he's from Starfall.

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