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  1. Maybe your i5 6 core is lacking a little bit on that card.

  2. Last time I had static like that, it was my cable.

  3. I’d never get a pny card btw. I had my first gpu (1060) as that and I’d never buy another one.

  4. That all it will be is fine. They aren’t good cards

  5. Usually I click the restart button on my pc, and when I go to load the game it just works fine after.

  6. There is a startup command you can run, you have to look it up, but it’s like -vr or something I can’t remember that forces the game to run in non vr. When f1 2022 came out I had to use that launch command because the game wouldn’t load when I tried to start normally because of my vr headset. But you need to look up the launch command because I have no idea what it actually is. I just know there is one you can use that forces the game to not launch in vr

  7. This was a cute love story, but not all of us can find love like this. I hope things work out for y’all, and y’all have a long and happy relationship as teammates

  8. Not sure, but it’s been around a while and having that system helps everyone be on the same page also tho when you play with randoms and have chat off.

  9. Yup my 4 month old will put anything in their mouth that comes in reaching distance lol

  10. Imagine the front is a mess tho

  11. If it’s cracking do you think you have a potential hardware defective headset?

  12. I hope his power supply can handle it. The spikes must be massive.

  13. Maybe if it didn't shove Bing down your throat, also it eats too much RAM on my 8GB RAM laptop.

  14. Yeah I have 32gb of ram so I’ve never been bothered by any ram usage lol

  15. Yeah, I built my pc with 16gb, but when ram prices crashed after being high for a while, I just doubled it and filled the other 2 slots on my motherboard as a why not lol. Also tho I never have to worry about ram again

  16. Maybe try changing your dns settings. Most people use the google and I’m pretty sure it is. That usually cuts down on load times as your computer is spending less time fetching the webpage I think

  17. Yeah just like you can wash those little cloths that come with glasses so you can clean your glasses, phone screen, iPad screen ect. Try cleaning those and you’ll be amazed how much better they work and how gross all the oils are.

  18. You should pretty much never take peoples links online. Why couldn’t he give you his “main accounts” psn? Links are always fishy

  19. Appreciate the writeup and explanation. But also, we all already know this. This is the company that tried to convince us that your GPU brand had to be green for flowy-hair graphics to work.

  20. What would be smart is to get off reddit and go straight to Apple If it’s brand new.

  21. With my 2080 super rog strix still being a beast there’s a good chance I won’t be buying 4000 anytime soon

  22. Beast checking in, just no ray tracing

  23. You aren’t missing much. It’s nice and using dlss is nice but not missing too much still with that card lol

  24. I’ve been playing since 2016 and have hit gc before free to play hit, and float at c3, and I’ve played 1s probably 8 times since then. So 1s rank can’t be compared.

  25. People who have a lot of money or disposable income will because why not they got the cash and probably get the best that comes out every cycle.

  26. Reminds me what a lot of people say, never use betas on personal full time devices just incase. Hopefully that’s not the issue but possible since it’s on a beta.

  27. And this is the reason why you should not buy the highest-end card unless money is not a real concern for you.

  28. What about when Amazon gives me the 5-12 month 0% interest month to month that’s realistically doable instead of the big payment upfront?

  29. If that payment structure works for you without having to compromise other finances then there’s no problem. Go for it.

  30. Yeah, I usually go for that 0% $100 or whatever payment instead of the upfront cost as. If something comes up for whatever reason it’s not a big deal, but I always buy a card like that when i can afford to pay the full price upfront. I just prefer monthly payments if its 0%

  31. I’m looking at the mmr and everyone is in a reasonable range, the person partied with 1659 and 1449, the 1449 got dragged into it for playing with a higher ranked player. It ques off the higher ranked players mmr in the party.

  32. Man we’ve been asking for servers to be fixed since 2015. Welcome to rocketleg

  33. Broooo don’t message him again if you like your money.

  34. He is so good at convincing, I mostly believed him before doing thorough research.

  35. Well thankfully you asked reddit first. Only apple can unlock devices, you probably are looking at a stolen device.

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