1. From all the old jaded fucks around here constantly spamming how they're so glad they left Seattle (uh huh sure) that must mean we've added double that amount of new folks 😁 so 40k

  2. and he's cost the Angels $91,000,000 so far

  3. these anti abortion and deranged pastor dudes showed up at UW red square basically weekly for years when I was a student there

  4. How is he being a "nuisance"? Seems to me he is exercising his legally guaranteed first amendment rights. And he does not seem to be harassing anyone else while doing so.

  5. Do you understand what the word nuisance means?

  6. Seattle tax payers gave them $355,000,000 this year and several billion the last decade, do you feel like you're getting your money's worth?

  7. I’d love to see an experiment where all of SPD went on strike and/or left just so the police haters can see how much they’re needed.

  8. they've been in a slow walking strike for 2 years lol

  9. No offense but this is just a kid that hasn't learned to protect the strike zone. None of those called strikes really looked that egregious. I'm guessing this is just Jerry Dipoto trying to save face for bringing the kid up before he was ready and starting his service time clock for nothing.

  10. Begin the process of a state amendment before the next election. Let all the state legislature go on record and let the voters decide if they represent them

  11. They should do the same for all the issues on the GOP hit list. Gay marriage, contraceptives, interracial marriage etc

  12. wily veteran move by Longoria

  13. could be a medical issue like diabetic shock, normally when it's suspected DUI they say that

  14. Washington and other blue states will continue to subsidize red states, just like the last several decades

  15. The doctors and scientists also weren't running the risk of going to prison in the course of a day a work because of activists.

  16. tell that to healthcare workers in Texas and half the south & midwest now

  17. My father was a general contractor for 30 years and his advice was always "don't mess with electrical". People here telling you to DIY with YouTube are setting you up for disaster

  18. Plenty of times in the NBA the players don't shake hands

  19. but that often results in "drama", the players and media often call them out for poor sportsmanship

  20. Another question would be why do basketball and football teams shake hands with the opposing team after the game but baseball teams don't?

  21. Fuck this advice. There’s so much more to life than chasing glory days while you’re hurt in your thirties. Don’t listen to this guy kid. Worst advice you’ll ever get.

  22. they didn't mention chasing glory days, they said when you're older and you can't play you may regret missing the chance. I know that's true for me (as I commented here)

  23. “You will for sure regret every time you didn’t play when you get older”.

  24. I guess that varies person to person.

  25. What should he have done? Keeps running he gets tagged out and they throw home for the double play.

  26. the runner trying to reach home is priority #1, he absolutely should have kept running if it meant giving the scoring run a chance

  27. I'd always laugh when people used to go on and on about how amazing Trout was at running the bases, never considered that to be a problem at the MLB level...and then I see clips like this

  28. Kinda reminds me of that ole A-rod drama. When does an ump decide the tag was applied making the runner out, or a player knocked the ball out (Julio obviously didn't)

  29. Definitely depends on the district and hiring authority.

  30. sounds like you're making shit up

  31. Absolutely not, I hate them even more

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