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  1. I'm a big fan of this model of cat, the medium/long hair brown tabby

  2. Why is it "funny" the guy is african American? Did you think only whites can be racist or something?

  3. Just because there were some political decisions made that you don't like doesn't mean I'm not allowed to have fun on my day off. I encourage people to have fun, relax have a burger or hot dog watch fireworks, drink a beer, whatever. Life is too short to intentionally deprive ourselves of enjoyment because you are mad about abortions .

  4. Double pay, when I am off I tend to spend money, so more time off would realistically equate to spending more, plus I have a spouse and child so extra money would be a welcomed thing

  5. Not sure if I understood it correctly but at the beginning were they complaining about nurses working 12-14 hour shifts and then continued on to basically say you aren’t doing enough for your patients?

  6. 12 hour shift is what is typical, staying 14 hours means the nurse is unskilled and failed to provide efficient care to their patient and are staying over 2 more hours to either chart (which shouldn't take more than 20 minutes) or clean up a mess they allowed to develop.

  7. Though this is really aggressive not all of the points are unreasonable. Bedside report and hourly rounding is evidence based practice. I saw on my unit a pt being coded that was already rock hard and stiff, meaning they had been dead probably for 4 hours before the someone noticed. Pts are entrusting their lives to nursing staff and unfortunately a whole lot of nurses don't live up to that responsibility. 6:1 ratio is kind of hard on an acute floor but it happens and no call no show as a nurse borders on pt abandonment.

  8. Renting is more expensive than owning but now to own I have to compete against Blackrock who has 8T in assets against my 76k/yr. Hopeless scenario. USA let's companies, even foreign ones buy land and homes how sick can it be.

  9. Sunflower is probably the most cringe trend I've seen I years.

  10. On the last note, I think i remember seeing something many years ago that showed climate change did have a cyclical component to it in that the pull of the earth towards the sun fluctuates. Granted this is something that happens over eons and does not rule out human influence over the climate.

  11. Kind of an unfair comparison. He's buying a gun off a private sale and trying to buy the other stuff out of a store. It would be more fair to either use a gun store, or to ask other adults to buy the other stuff from private sales too to make it more apples to apples.

  12. Any actual evidence of this? Says early in the article that the claim couldn't be verified. Just more anti Russian propaganda for deluded American ultrapatriots.

  13. The west will hate Russia no matter what, same as always. They may as well do as they please.

  14. My boss guilted me into taking paycuts 3 times before eventually successful pressuring me into converting into a full time volunteer

  15. No one in Russia cares about american trash, people are either happy to see it leave or completely indifferent to it.

  16. World would be better without EU and US, poisonous states.

  17. Do you think duct tape might work to hold that sonbitch down shut? I reckon I'd give that a try before sending it to some fancy degree holding gunsmith.

  18. As of 2010, the abortion rate was 37.4 abortions per year per 1000 women aged 15–44 years, the highest of any country reported in UN data.[2]

  19. Russia includes miscarriages (known in the west as spontaneous abortions) into their official abortion statistics. They also include self reported miscarriages in this as well. If you were to factor in only elective abortions it would be substantially lower.

  20. As someone who actually supports Russia I'm amazed by this meme. Supporting Russia, it's people, and its government is a pretty lonely thing in these times.

  21. Legalized or common prostitution exacerbates the problem. As much as people like to pretend sex work is honorable, most of the people who claim to think as such would actually be horrified if their mom, wife, or daughter became a prostitute. Prostitutes are viewed very negatively and this is well deserved. The more whores you see the more inclined you are to think women are simple commodities.

  22. I dont understand the comic. If Ukraine is doing so good, or Russia is doing so poorly, why would Finland even be interested in joining NATO? To say both are true that Russia is a threat to its neighbors and thus Finland must join but also that Russia is incompetent and getting its shit blown out by the poorest country in Europe are directly contradictory. It can be one or the other.

  23. Time to start the bidding. Who will Russia or the west offer more to secure his vote?

  24. Exactly, Russia talks of the "spread" of NATO, the only way NATO can spread is by a country choosing to apply and join. So unless Russia is planning to join, NATO can't spread in to Russia. NATO can't attack, or invade it can only defend and intervene from an attack.

  25. Over 20 years ago, when Boris Yeltsin spontaneously resigned from presidency due to his alcohol induced failings of his country, Putin asked US president Bill Clinton how he felt about Russia joining NATO. Clinton made it very clear that Russia would never, ever be admitted into it. Russia has to be believed to be the dangerous outsider, true or not, in order for NATOs existence to be justified.

  26. Congratulations on achieving your dream of becoming a parasite leeching off the less fortunate!

  27. It's a shame I can only down vote this once.

  28. People here take shit so seriously lol. Obviously it was not meant in sincerity.

  29. Not obvious. Insensitive by making light of the situation.

  30. I suppose it's because I seriously doubt the situation even happened. Visualize what this person is writing, it's ridiculous to the point of hilarity.

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