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  1. I’d like to counter the notion that dads enjoy parenting less, your Honour. I’d like to contend that this is a societal/upbringing issue that has changed a lot as the generations shift. I’m a late Gen X’er and I love being a dad and was a stay-at-home dad for awhile. My ex-wife however, didn’t enjoy the acts of parenting much beyond the first 3 years.

  2. Bros, I’ve seen this happen since I was 20. Do not just work and work, thinking your girlfriend or wife wants your so-called comfortable life. Women want your attention, first and foremost.

  3. Some women wants it all. Money (not all men had billionaire parents), time (not all men had tons of free time due to the need to work), and attention (not all men can give work/kids attention while giving the wife more attention, there is only 24 hours to a day...).

  4. No need to exaggerate lah, where got so many billionaires to go around. It’s just a balance. Not saying the woman is damn good or what, but this dude in the article has sadly, repeated the same mistake some people I know did too.

  5. Hmm it lasts long for me. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Wow can’t believe how cheap tickets are

  7. Wow he stole 5m from his community and yet somehow managed to bet 40m. This guy was rolling huge.

  8. he has 40m...he could had easily retuned the money to the families and kept the rest of the winnings..nobody would have found out..

  9. No lah, doubt he ever held onto 40m. What happened is that 40m passed through his hands - his winnings and his losses were in a teetering balance for years. His wins probably gave him the high to continue and think that he can recoup his losses. His losses of course, the cause of his conundrum in the first place. Sad.

  10. Just the first season of Heroes. Stop while you’re ahead.

  11. er, I hope you don't do it in daytime. It's very hot lately. Might end up with blisters.

  12. There’s things I do to protect myself that I’ve learned many years ago. Try to walk on grass more and if I can’t, do a light jog if it gets too hot.

  13. Surprisingly, not for the most part! Just look at where you step, same when you wear shoes right?

  14. This post helped validate my feelings and made me truly realize that my best friend is a narcissist. I had been doing research bc I know that something is off. I looked into it and felt that she was narcissistic, but couldn’t tell. She checks off 80% of the things listed. It’s so sad. She has very very slowly started to take responsibility, but she only does so if both ppl were wrong, and if the other person does it first. If she was completely in the wrong and she knows it, she tries everything in her power to find a way to make it your fault bc she feels guilty and is insecure. I’m at my last straw with her. I’m going to attempt to have one final talk to get her to see how her behavior is incredibly damaging (she’s burned several bridges) but if I don’t notice a change, I’m done with her.

  15. I’m glad my post helped at least one person illuminate one relationship.

  16. Fought a Jeskai lotus using [[Blood Sun]], pretty cool.

  17. That might be me, I’ve not seen anyone else playing this.

  18. Oh, shit, it's not legal in explorer? NM then.

  19. Yeah it's legal in Historic not Explorer.

  20. I’ve been on a paella phase after YouTube recommended me this video by Yeung Man Cooking.

  21. Kroxa usually just dies to removal, though.

  22. If it’s not exiled, we get to Escape it back up again though, and it did generate card advantage anyway.

  23. How did it generate card advantage when it dies to removal?

  24. True! So when we cast it we need to still have 2 mana up so we can pay for the discard trigger while conveniently not paying for the sacrifice trigger. Not as easy of a combo as I thought oops

  25. Nope it doesn’t. Just pops while playing music.

  26. I’ll try to catch it the next time on video. It only just happened for the first time today, after updating the OS yesterday night.

  27. Yeah, it is unfair, Magic is a midrange game now and you’re playing the deck that farms combo, which is trying to farm aggro, who is trying to farm control, while we should all just be playing midrange piles with the strongest cards cuz those have 55+ win% against us thanks to average card power.

  28. I don’t care about “fairness” in MTG, fun is most important and as it stands now, Explorer just isn’t fun anymore. It was for me last season because everything is new to me then, but it’s just the same few decks now and in general, a midrange fest. I’m really hoping we get some sweet new cards with the anthology and Dominaria.

  29. You could play games! There were dial-a-game services around where you could even play dungeon crawls on the phone. “hit 6 to turn left into the cave”

  30. If I see a man with tofu and oat milk in his basket, he immediately has permission to put his tofu in my oat milk (????????)

  31. True story, I saw this good looking lady at the supermarket near midnight a few years ago with an all-vegan basket. So tempted to ask her number. After I checked out, I glanced back and... I saw her reach into her top to adjust her bra. In the romcom fantasy, that would be the protagonist's cue to go back in and ask... but in reality, I shrivelled and went back home because I thought I was dressed like shit, not shaved for a few days and it's near midnight and she's going to freak if I asked.

  32. Oh my gosh that is my DREAM!! that's way too cute. If you see me stocking up on my curly soys and chocolate oat milk and mushrooms, please let's smile at each other

  33. smiles at the guvna from across the ocean


  35. I’m running Proctor and Blood Sun. Blood Sun has been so relevant in this meta, so many manlands to shut off. Also fun when it kills the occasional Fabled Passage.

  36. Hey OP, there’s a community over at

  37. Sad that there is no activity

  38. Thanks for the rec! Listening to it now on Apple Music and it's sweet!

  39. Hitting mainstream news now, includes footage of people dipping in the pool and whatnot inside the palace

  40. hats off to the guys having a pool party

  41. It’s a hot day and well, the pool looks great!

  42. Spent a month at his Monastery. He is even funnier in person, and will find ways to share a joke with you in the midst of everything else going on. If his message inspires faith and practice for you then good! I think he is great for lay people.

  43. Doesn’t everyone wash their own dishes?

  44. I've never been to a Monastery where everyone washed their own dishes. In large group settings it would be unrealistic for each person to line up at the sinks and wash their own dishes. The monks likely wash their own bowls but even then some novices and attendant monks wash the bowls of some of the elders.

  45. Ah that’s interesting. I’ve only been to small monasteries and everyone washed their own dishes.

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