1. Ahh the 90s. When it was all about how unnecessary pockets they could put on super suits.

  2. Actually I'd would believe it more if it were Trump's account.

  3. Still can't believe there was a Power Rangers series in which their activation devices were flip phones.

  4. Clearly a gamer, he memorized her attack patterns.

  5. Miss these type of comedies. Today is all about the gross out factor.

  6. I hear the "Get out of Jail Free" card was not utilized.

  7. We are getting closer and closer to "The Last of Us" to being a documentary.

  8. In the comics, she is actually one of those exposed to Terrigen Mist, the substance that gives the Inhumans their powers. After the abysmal reception of the Inhumans TV show, they changed it to her being a closet mutant since they knew that mutants would eventually be brought into the MCU.

  9. Got Howard the Duck movie vibes from the joke.

  10. Great minds think alike as I've decided to do the same. I've even decided to include what I call "multiverse adjacent" films like the Fox X-Men and Spiderman films from Sony. Pretty much if a character from any franchise makes an appearance in the MCU, I plan to include their movies/TV shows in the chronology.

  11. It's implied that Ego was looking for an offspring who could access the Celestial powers he could to amplify his reach across the galaxy without draining his powers. Peter was basically a battery. He may still learn to harness the light again given he does still have Celestial DNA.

  12. Chick be texting him the terms and conditions.

  13. Man I'm going to miss that voice. Defined my childhood.

  14. And then they immediately deposit the leaves in the next neighborhood.

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