1. Can I ask how do you feel about this rifle? Been looking for a hunting rifle and Bergara B14 came up (and some Tikkas aswell) and I really like the looks of HMR, but am unsure if it would be too big/heavy to carry around on hunts 🤷‍♂️

  2. The configuration you see here is far too heavy for stalking. That being said, you might could go with a different optic / no bipod and make it work. All of the b14 rifles are great from what I’ve heard. If I PERSONALLY needed a rifle solely for hunting, I would not choose an HMR

  3. Drag reduction, cheek riser, grip. Proof of concept until I think of something better lol

  4. Bright green base. Tan / dark green stripes. Then sprayed light/dark green/brown onto my fingers (with a glove lol) and flicked it around

  5. Damn dude. That first pic all you can see is the upper and green tape. Good shit

  6. Great movie. Great builds.

  7. Agree that misting some dark brown will help it a lot

  8. Rubber band fan is so epic

  9. Boyd’s make good stuff?

  10. This cums. Arisaka or modlite? You like it?

  11. This is a joke sub. Don't believe any of the other responses. They're teasing you, pretending to offer real advice. This is the watch you should get your boyfriend:

  12. Man I absolutely hollered when I opened that link

  13. Another Seiko ofc. Or a dang ole Q Timex

  14. Absolutely incredible. Might be the finest model I have ever seen

  15. Gorgeous pair of bangers

  16. Pink GS is insane. Dream watch tbh

  17. Awesome model, posing, shield idea, photos and collection in the back 🤝🤝🤝🤝

  18. Did you bolt the stock to the post first then set the action? Or did you just toenail it?

  19. Ratchet strap but I photoshopped it out

  20. What caliber and bipod? And how do you like the dead air brake on the hmr?

  21. Just a 308. That’s a horrible Caldwell bipod that I’ve had since I was a kid lol, can’t decide between Harris and Atlas. The brake is a jmac keymount. Haven’t tried it yet but I’ve run jmac stuff on AK/AR and they’re excellent

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