1. What do you mean with private? As in PPV messages?

  2. thank you sweetheart! i’ll message you.

  3. me too! i’ve learned to hide it well. it’s on the other side of my face. 🖤

  4. Happy is the girl at the end of that chain. Lucky is the man on the other end. ;)

  5. As Tom Jones would say: What’s new pussycat? Have a blessed day beautiful young lady.

  6. Hahah i love it. Thank you!! You as well sweetheart

  7. Where can I see what y’all got down to?

  8. Thank you, it feels good to wear it again

  9. Yennefer from Witcher 3 game. But younger and prettier.

  10. She smelled of lilac and gooseberries… haha I also get told I’d pull off a good ciri because of my scar

  11. Fantastic game, very happy you know it. You look like Yennefer without any makeup. Oh, and gooseberries are so good! The real ones.

  12. I’ve watched the series and played the game 3x over hahah I love it! Bought it for every console I have too lol cx I’m obsessed.

  13. You look so much more confident you’re glowing! I love that for you! Brilliantly achieved finding yourself

  14. That choker 😍😍 got such “i like being called good girl” vibea

  15. Please, wear protective gear, true one, maybe he would make you uncomfortable, but knowing people who will suffer for the rest of her life because they don't wear any one. Nice day to you

  16. we weren’t on the highways but i feel you! hence the helmet.

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