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  1. It's snotty. If you need to raise prices to cover wages, just raise prices. This is the owner telling the guests that the workers are charging them the extra 3%, not the owner.

  2. I had to watch Pearl after reading about this. Mia Goth deserves a nomination. Not only does she completely carry this very good film, there are scenes where she is simply incredible. Especially in a very, VERY long single take monologue during which she goes through an incredible range of emotion. It's the kind of scene that could be called "oscar bait"...a very emotional monologue...but whatever...it was amazing.

  3. Ferguson also came out against assault rifles yesterday. Looks like he might be getting ready to run for Governor. The only other Democrat with a profile near big enough to replace Inslee would be Dow Constantine. And most Washingtonians are going "who???" to both of those names.

  4. It depends how you define the left-right spectrum. I live in the imperial core and the definition is kind of vague, where déficit spending and acceptance of diverse identities are seen as “left,” and the opposite is seen as “right.”

  5. The U.S. beltway/corporate media definition is an extremely narrow range of the spectrum incorporating what everyone else would simply call liberalism (democratic-republicanism and capitalism). They only permit consideration of socially moderate, fiscally liberal capitalism, or socially and fiscally conservative capitalism. (But also sometimes fascism. You know...for "balance.")

  6. Love blaming counterstrike rather than shite gun security in a home with a kid or kids.

  7. I live in the U.S. and my best friend decided to visit your wonderful land this week. I just texted him a few hours ago and he said he was just leaving Aukland on a boat. I hope he (and everyone there) weathers this madness ok!

  8. The insane increase in the cost of college has ruined it. I took a degree just because it interested me. I had time to do extracurricular stuff. I made great friends. But my parents were easily able to cover the cost of college so I had no worries about being in debt after. I went into debt to get a Masters. Which was also great, actually. But my Masters was also useless and I graduated just to do low-paid work. Took a couple years to get a decent job. THOSE were the worst years of my life.

  9. It's dystopic fiction not an instruction manual you assholes.

  10. Australia, the land where things are trying to eat the things that are trying to eat you.

  11. If you lose pressure above 10k feet in an airplane you will start to suffer oxygen deprivation. This is very dangerous because you won't even notice it. You get loopy, confused, and if you don't descend, you simply go to sleep and die. Seems like depressurizing the chamber slowly while the pigs eat a snack would probably be very humane.

  12. I had honestly thought it wasn't that traumatic based on stories I'd heard of people dying from CO2 poisoning. How could you look at an animal going through that and not clearly understand that it's suffering. You needed to run an experiment? Come on.

  13. I just bought a Squire Affinity Telecaster Deluxe and the quality is pretty good. They go for ~$300 but I paid $220 and at that price it's a bargain. Definitely a worthy starter instrument. You can use

  14. Might as well cancel girls' sports. Someone needs to sue the state ASAP.

  15. there's at least a 50% chance that's george santos

  16. Looks like it's Italian so at least a week due to the humid climate there.

  17. Of course they'd be fine they'd say "I'm a billionaire. Look me up on the internet. Help me and I'll give you $100k."

  18. Hey we'd just discovered the pig. They were like rock stars for a while.

  19. Good job using lima beans to ward off, well...everyone.

  20. Except that there is substance to these movies: their simplicity is the key to their success.

  21. It's also an old-school kind of filmmaking. It takes its time with the characters and the setting before launching into its main action sequences. I really felt like I was immersed in Pandora, its wildlife, and people. When I got home I needed more so I fired up Avatar on Disney+.

  22. This teacher should be able to win a lawsuit against the school and the kid's parents. They claim the gun was secured but that was plainly not the case if a six year old could get a hold of it.

  23. I’m sorry to hear that. It’s my first layoff and I hope my last. I have my own business and I honestly have just learned to put all my hard work into that after this.

  24. Working for yourself probably feels really good. I tried that and even went and took some business classes but I don't think it's for me. I'm back at the same company working from home as a contractor now, so no complaints!

  25. I was going to start a brewery. I was a home brewer and I studied up on brewing, brewing equipment, organic chemistry, the business of selling beer...but the market in my area is saturated with excellent breweries and I frankly found the business side to be too boring. I just wanted to make beer, lol.

  26. Definitely talk about the cost of rent and health care. Those have skyrocketed since boomers had to worry about them and it really puts things in perspective.

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