1. I just know about AC1 in this thread. I always using itunes to manage ios device. Even now i use finder. I use AC2 to revive macbook with T2 chips. May i know what manage do u want to on AC1?

  2. Need AC1 to load ipas to iOS 6 devices. AC2 will only work on my iOS 8+ devices

  3. It won’t launch anymore, even on older macOS versions. It was disabled server side.

  4. Hmmm ok thanks for heads up, I'd still like to get the version for 10.8 if possible and try a few things out.

  5. Worst part is the splinters from his wooden teeth

  6. Benzodiazapines such as alprazolam (Xanax) and clonazepam (Klonopin) do exactly this for me. They've given me blackout dreamless restful sleep when I've really needed it. These drugs are addictive of course, and should be used in carefully and in moderation.

  7. Cause when you’re singing in, she’s tucking singing out!

  8. You create something like Inward Singing. Always naysaying! Everything I create!

  9. Pulled out some chips and bought this lovely dip today at $19.75 👾

  10. Awesome you still have the car! May want to redact the license plate.

  11. So does Rekordbox 5.8.7 allow you to use a one time license but newer versions make you subscribe?

  12. He tried getting me to come to the event still lol

  13. Was he paying a flat performance fee plus the promo pay? Or just the promo pay?

  14. Just promo pay. I would gladly except if it was in addition to my flat rate. Could make serious cash

  15. Yeah for real I'd do flat fees plus promo and clean house its a pretty good deal, But promo pay only... miss me on that bs.

  16. No, I just have phase controllers, 1210's and an alague mixer than I want to play digital formal tracks through.

  17. Ok, then Serato DJ Pro v2.5.5 with a Rane SL box should be the solution you are looking for. Best part of the setup with the SL box is you can use any mixer you want now and in the future, whether it is Serato enabled hardware or not. The only limitation being that new Serato DJ versions won't work (including Serato Stems and any future new feature).

  18. Thanks, but this the stems feature in mind, apparently I should be looking at a Denon DS1 as although discontinued, it's still supported on the very latest version of Serato?

  19. Not sure, you'd have to look up DS1 compatibility with Serato

  20. !FLAIRY! 💎:wutang: RUN GME :wutang:💎 red

  21. !FLAIRY! 💎:wutang: RUN GME :wutang:💎 red

  22. I gotta tell ya this is the wrong sub for an unbiased opinion on whether or not you should buy critically acclaimed open world samurai game Ghost of Tsushima.

  23. Wait, you mean Ghost of Tsushima, winner of multiple awards including Best Playstation Game of 2020 and nominated for Game of The Year?

  24. Wish I had seen this earlier. Ate it hard on GOVX twice mid day when I normally wouldn't take a trade 🤦‍♂️

  25. Should be, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it IMO.

  26. They call them a "pair" of underwear, so twice right?

  27. Brick by brick. I will hold until you are a generational multi millionaire

  28. Check that the phones/tablets are allowing to

  29. Would something like that just be randomly changed? Mine just stopped working. I didn’t change any settings.

  30. The settings would not change randomly, no.

  31. Do you have a backup of the Serato folder saved? You can restore your backup and it should fix it.

  32. Thanks for the reply. I tried using the backup and I can see the crates there but once I try and drag them over to the library on the left to import the crate( usually works) nothing is happening and the crates are just not moving for me. Any other suggestions? I appreciate your help

  33. What do you mean drag the crates to the library?

  34. not trading on Webull is a strong second

  35. Daytrading on Webull is actually pretty great once you get it set up right 😁

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