1. Thats the girl from the muppet band

  2. Imagine being soo bored that you intentionally dress "sexy" in order to take pictures in a market...?

  3. Her head looks like one of those mannequin heads that they put wigs on in beauty supply stores.

  4. Bikini competitors tan for show day, and yes its dark to make the muscles pop.

  5. I like how the hand wrapped around his arm is actually a women's hand 😂

  6. They're probably too scared of speaking up for fear of waking up with a horse head in their bed

  7. Honest question: I’m barely late 20’s and the most photoshop I know is to take a picture of myself using the Snapchat camera and put it on my instagram story with like Paris or Oslo filter Lmao. That’s it. AND I barely use those apps as it is. Point being I don’t know what these photoshop tools are. So what is stamp tool and face app? I’m on this sub all the time but I just don’t know how people do this. And I don’t know how there’s always that one generic instagram look, I’m sure you know what I mean?

  8. I am also interested in knowing what people are using to create these crazy transitions

  9. right pic looks straight outa GTA San Andreas

  10. I dont support this but if I was her I would of just cropped the mirror out

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