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  1. I wish you would shave my wife’s vagina, too. Damn thing needs a pull start craftsman mower to make a dent.

  2. Her: come over my parents aren't home Me: Brings ps5

  3. When I first started I knew next to nothing about the game. I'd heard from my uncle that people enjoyed it and the case looked interesting (I started on ps3). I genuinely thought that you would be allied with all the dragons and destroy a bunch of things. Either way I'm still happy with the purchase and am now playing on pc 7 years later.

  4. When a person drops some food on the floor and there’s another fly that wants it first

  5. Yea, people are following her for the science just like people followed hannahjinx for the Japanese lessons....

  6. I googled her and I couldn’t find anything. Is there a direct link to her “lessons” you could give me?

  7. I remember a long time ago when this was first posted. I witnessed the greatest minds of this subreddit factor out the equation. Unfortunately I do not remember the exact answer. I do know that the general consensus was that there wasn’t enough information to solve and the best they answered was that it was 555 or something. They concluded that the answer was supposed to be 666 cuz Modeus is a demon

  8. Quicksand is like the third biggest thing you have to worry about in adult life, behind real sticks of dynamite and giant anvils falling on you from the sky.

  9. Because Wendy's seems to give a shit for some reason vs the others

  10. Honestly KFC literally just get served a bucket of grease and bones and is stupidly expensive

  11. Anything having to do with royalty or religious hierarchy titles. Lord, King, Queen, Saint, etc...

  12. Anyone else remember the mom that named her kid “Squire Sebastion Senator” and THAT was just the FIRST name?

  13. When I was working at a motel, I took a phone reservation from a woman for her daughter: Sri Lanka, S R I space L A N K A... is the name of a woman. Me: Oh, like in the country! Woman: What do you mean, country?!

  14. I made it, I officially did it. I think my NNN could actually last for another 5-6 months, but I guess I shall enjoy the moment, before the next year's NNN starts

  15. You’re being pretty smug for someone who doesn’t understand how statistics work‘

  16. It’s a meme, I’m not writing a 10 page research document of the probability of contracting prostate cancer based on the rate of orgasms per day

  17. Clearly Jenna Ortega killed whatever alter Daedric prince was convincing people a buff wolf was living in their head because now she’s the one who was really living in there all the time.

  18. This confirms that Hircine writes fan fiction in people’s brains

  19. Then you gte pushed for walking too slow like mate i don’t think you wanna be in class either, why you wanna get to it so fast. And it isn’t my fault Amanda sprained her ankle and is now in a wheelchair, and decided to be in front of me.

  20. Nice to see the person responsible for "I'm not Starfire" is still getting work

  21. “Oh she wanted to commit suicide ? Great that must mean she’s a Virgin”

  22. That’s a leap. They’re saying that since she HATES LOSING then she’s probably still a virgin meaning she hasn’t LOST her virginity

  23. well, there is the cute version where she goes "dandandandan, banana"

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