1. If I saw this on a movie screen I might have a seizure

  2. Dint watch Mad Max fury road, then. Far to quick for you

  3. If you get the camera debug mod you actually can float around and see that it is indeed a train station. Upstairs beyond the walls you can find the large metro station and ticket booth

  4. America needs to stop poking into other countries wars.. we always end up fighting for years, losing so much young fighters. Just to show “America wants to create peace” but truley just wants to show off our power. Plus we never solve anything… we really only helped stopped WWII and since been on a power trip. America, please, let these countries take care of themselves

  5. I thought thats what you meant sorry I was drunk. I’m on pc so I don’t actually have that leaning issue. Maybe set up mouse n keyboard if it allows too on console

  6. no, on pc, there’s no toggle lean button. only hold lean.

  7. Dude there’s definitely toggle. I use that. Check in the gameplay options? Its not a keybind but a setting or box you check off

  8. What degree burn is this? My friend spilled boiling bacon oil on his wrist before and it did exactly the same as this. Bubbled up.. luckily we were all drugged out he barely remembers the pain

  9. “Why do they need so much cops for one guy?” This is why, dumbfucks

  10. Definitely not a real skeleton. Face is to perfect and the set up. Plus flesh wouldnt have melted off even set a blazed but based on not seeing any burns on the ground Id say this was set up to for artistic purpose. Otherwise show us other pics of this area with out that dramatic effect and filter

  11. People like you are just - awful. When you talk to me you should better shut up.

  12. People that stage shit are worse. Using an awful war to create art to get attention

  13. Anyone else thought these were cinnamon rolls? My fat dumbass

  14. You should be able to switch is left and right with the D pad

  15. Go on the elden ring wiki and follow Rani’s quest

  16. Okay but at what point? Like before the chairlift and it's just a breeze-ride or after, right before the toilet?

  17. Did you for get most patients are in gowns naked?

  18. It has 4 wheels instead of treads. I know that much

  19. Thats happens more often then not. Always a great cheer. Then get smacked as you’re jumping up and down in joy

  20. Your gums really wouldn’t bleed if you had flossed them regularly. If you have to choose between brushing and flossing, choose flossing. A lot of dental problems are because of not flossing. For example, not flossing = gingivitis. If it gets bad, you have to pay for gingivitis therapy.

  21. But how do you floss the molars way in the back. I cant get my hands back there

  22. Floss is meant to get under the gums the tooth brush cannot. So no

  23. Along the wall there are dead people everywhere. This little girl was hiding in them before she was spotted and rescued.. fucking sick people to kill civilians

  24. Of course you have to make it a race thing lmaoo.

  25. Of course because people need to see the double standards of this bs already. Its thrown in white peoples face everyday even for petty shit but then everyone ignores it when its the other way around like this doesnt happen often as well.. this shit goes both ways

  26. Sorry but third clip with the deagle may have been cheating

  27. Seems like he got sucked into a vortex. I forgot the term but its known to helicopters. Its why landing is so hard or going into a hover after moving for a while

  28. Yes, I know she was just brave and really chill about moving a snake and I should be appreciative, and dont get me wrong, I am, but that was hot, and I'm in love.

  29. I bet if she was fat and ugly you would think differently

  30. But no one would be simping over her and falling in love..

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