1. Starts outside the bedroom for men as well, women aren’t the only ones who get turned off by a disrespectful partner.

  2. If some men put more effort into making their partner feel special (in and out of the bedroom), they'd score more often.

  3. omg yes, this. like it sounds so simple, but so many guys just give up on trying for you anymore and put in zero effort, then they wonder why the mood isn't there.

  4. I wake up throughout the night terrified that I’m gonna die. Yesterday was the first time it had happened while I was literally awake just watching tv. I started hysterically sobbing and was convinced I was gonna die right then and there. It lasted for hours. And then I tried to tell him about it when he got home and I got all the sympathy of a buzz saw going through a log.

  5. I'm so sorry. I relate to your situation so much, with being sick, multiple chronic illnesses, having an abusive family, just being emotionally paralyzed. My ex was extremely abusive and ultimately strangled me. I had to plan in secret to leave and then basically run away.

  6. If you can’t work than you need to file for disability, is there a reason this hasn’t happened yet? Because he can be gone for a multitude of reasons and is homeless without your kids really where you want to end up?

  7. It's extremely hard to actually qualify for disability in the US, especially for physical disability. It takes years and usually at least one appeal. Often an attorney is needed. And then if you don't have a lot of years of full-time work history (social security credits) you don't qualify for enough to live on. Literally like $300 a month.

  8. You're not overreacting, allergies are serious. I know someone very close to me, who lost their toddler son about 20 years ago, to an allergic reaction. Their airway completely swelled and closed up and they just weren't able to get them help in time.

  9. I remember reading your posts last year. I'm really glad that you're getting out of this! You're strong and you'll be alright. Wishing you all the best, and hugs from an internet stranger.

  10. Do you have family you could stay for the remaining 5 days with the kids? Maybe book a cheap motel room?

  11. I was about to suggest this as well, maybe get a hotel for the week, If op can afford it, it's absolutely worth it.

  12. I agree. It's so hard with emotionally unstable people, grey rock used to send my narc into a rage, they couldn't stand that I wasn't reactive anymore . But it's usually the only way to keep your own sanity.

  13. His family comes all the way there to take the dog to the bathroom a few times a day?? Why on earth don't they just take the dog to live with them, and bring the dog to visit him every few days?

  14. I'm dogfree and childfree myself. I can't handle loud noises, like barking or screaming, it triggers my epilepsy. But there are other reasons too.

  15. I hear you but OP has a baby, pepper Spray goes everywhere not just at the target. I would not discharge it around my child.

  16. It really depends. Some mace disperses through the air in a big cloud, and some pepper spray squirts in a stream that you can directly spray into someone's eyes without breathing it in yourself. They make special dog sprays like that.

  17. My eyebrows just lifted all the way up my forehead, all the way into the heavens.

  18. We used to own a mini schnauzer whose breath would smell like fish sometimes which we thought was odd. Then we realized the reason for it was because he would lick his butt and the anal gland juice would make his breath smell that way. Despite knowing this my young teen would let him lick her face and lips. I would tell her not to let him do that. But it was like why would you want that on your face?🤮

  19. I think he's using you as a free petsitter knowing that you don't like it, and is ramming through all the limits you clearly stated, to preserve your own sanity.

  20. He said he will find someone to keep him so he can be dog free when we are together. I know he is trying. He feels responsible for the dog and doesn’t want to just dump him. I understand that. I know he is a nice person Cos he agreed that his dog f*cked up and should not be allowed in my home.

  21. He says this, but will he really find someone to take the dog when it comes down to it? You say he's "really trying" but he's still been bringing the dog over to your place, when he knows how you feel.

  22. He is a nice person. I just needed to rant. He is replacing my carpet and he agrees that his dog should not come over. He will look for someone to watch his dog so we can have dog free time.

  23. Like I said in my other comment- His actions and words aren't matching. How do you know he's going to do anything that he's saying he will? He's still bringing his dog around your house when he knows you don't want it there. That's not looking like he's particularly considerate, or like he's really trying.

  24. Is what you're getting out of this relationship worth the emotional hardship caused by the dog?

  25. I’m glad I don’t have any dogs or even pets in my home for that matter.

  26. I’ve learned from experience that if someone I’m interested in has dogs, we aren’t going to see eye-to-eye about a lot of things in general. Least of all that I don’t want to live with a dog and don’t care about their beloved dog like they do. Nor am I generally willing to help care for one either. I’m not going to come home from work during the day to help walk it, and I’m definitely not down to clean the mess it made during the day when I first get home from work. And I make it a point to try and rent from places which don’t rent to pet-owners, because I don’t want my new place to have any kind of lingering pet smells, and they always do and I can always tell, even if the landlord says otherwise. They just don’t notice it anymore, but I do.

  27. It's so hard to find an apartment without residual dog smell. Even this apartment I'm in now, everything was re-carpeted and repainted, but it still faintly smelled like dog and I was finding pieces of dog food (and bugs) under my washing machine.

  28. My niece is only about 5 and was telling me on Easter, how much she doesn't like dogs because "they're always naughty" lol. She was just going on and on about how much she doesn't like dogs and how crappy they behave. She'll probably be in the sub eventually too, haha.

  29. Dog people will complain about how awful kids behave, but will completely ignore the same behaviors from their dogs towards others. Then they have the nerve to get mad when you express displeasure at a dog invading your personal space because "that's what dogs do."

  30. Yeah the child free crowd, while I respect a lot of their thoughts, also revere dog ownership which to a lot of people is totally not worth it either. They talk about how gross kids are but act like dogs aren’t the fucking grossest things? Their whole houses have bacteria on the floors/carpets from their backyard shit/piss yard and they complain about kids. My kids are now grown and they were never as gross as dogs. Not even close. Plus the behavior stuff, I’ve taken care of animals for years and the poor behavior of so many pets is appalling. I put the blame mostly on the owners however acknowledge some breeds are just assholes or obnoxious or challenging.

  31. Not all of us, I promise. I'm both childfree and dogfree. I honestly just can't tolerate the noise from kids. Screaming and tantrums are literally a seizure trigger for me though.

  32. I mean I'm pretty irritated by both dogs and kids lol, but I think a lot of why I don't like being around kids is because I have a sensitivity to loud noises and it's an epilepsy trigger for me. Dogs are just all-around gross though.

  33. Mmmmm. This hurts my gastritis just looking at it lol, but I'd still go for it. Yum.

  34. It was an extremely last minute trip and no one is able to watch him because of how reactive he is to new people. He does well when he’s with me so I’m not sure if he’ll do okay but honestly really considering just sitting the trip out.

  35. Please, sit this trip out. It's not going to be good for your dog at all. It's going to be a nightmare for him, for you, your family, and for the other hotel guests trying to relax in their rooms.

  36. Having a muzzle on a dog does not make it more scary to people. It makes them less scary. As someone who has been attacked in the past, I feel better when I see that an owner at least cares enough to muzzle their dog if it's reactive.

  37. Please neuter your dog. There are already too many unwanted large breed dogs in shelters. They can't even give them away. Neutering or spaying a dog is the kindest thing you can do if you care about your dog at all, or dogs in general.

  38. How did they deny disability? She lost both arms..

  39. I mean, I was denied disability even though I have uncontrolled seizures and my fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders will dislocate pretty much if the wind blows wrong. The reasoning literally given on my denial letter, was because I still technically have usable arms for working.

  40. Arizona has gotten really really bad. Literally can not go anywhere without running into someone with a pit, usually barely holding the leash. I've seen loose pits running around the street frequently.

  41. Oh man that needs stitches,I see flesh and why do these owners blame it on themselves ? It’s like a cult

  42. Generally you want to leave bite puncture wounds open so they can heal from the inside and not trap a pocket of bacteria and end up with an abscess. Torn areas can be stitched though.

  43. Why do they always put flower crowns, necklaces and bandanas on them? We can still see it’s a Pitt

  44. Even if it wasnt a pit I woud be devastated. But I probably dont have to worry about a normal dog doing that to kill something

  45. I had a non-pitbull dog eat the siding off my house in the span of an afternoon. But yeah this kind of destruction is definitely usually more common with pitbulls.

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