1. see this is why cheating is a problem because now everyone has to wear a girth mask to remain competitive

  2. i vehemently hate the art style so much that i have not investigated further

  3. Here’s a question I ask myself. It might be helpful to you. What kind of person would I want as a friend? It’s a very narrow list. Most people are not fun to be around for long periods of time.

  4. hahaha i've always felt like one of the benefits to being autistic is that i enjoy movies more because i can't distinguish between good vs bad acting well enough to be let down by bad acting

  5. my favorite villain of the franchise. outstanding performance on finn wittrock's part

  6. I’m still chasing the high that was my love for Hotel and the only season since that has held a candle is 1984. So given how recent that season was, I still hold out hope they can still churn out some excellent seasons. But it does feel like Ryan Murphy has lost interest in it when he’s got 500 other shows to keep up with…

  7. I don't think any very wealthy individual is inherently wrong, but I do think it's wrong to pretend that any single person becomes as wealthy as Bill Gates based on their own merits alone. You can earn ten thousand dollars a day for 200 years and still not earn even one billion dollars. To get that rich you also have to be making money from the work of other people.

  8. good point. furthermore iirc some studies suggest that all other things being equal children who were exposed to more words and attention as a baby, and obviously those that had better health/nutrition, end up with higher intelligence as an adult. so it's not even just that poverty can affect even intelligent people but also that it actively takes away from people's intelligence

  9. I immediately assumed "the one question never answered" was about Wöller's eye.

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