1. I mean, its not a great deal. I just bought a 2014 AWD RT(76k) and gf got a 2017 AWD Challenger GT(40k) for close to what they're asking in the ad you posted.

  2. Southwest checking in and confirming.

  3. I just listed my wheel for sale for this reason. It takes me 15-20 laps on the wheel to get close to my controller times. I don't have that kind of time to adjust every time I play.

  4. If I remember correctly they removed the penalties and made the clean race bonus harder and its been that way for the last patch or two.

  5. How many more days is this time trial going to be available? That sounds like a very fun combo for me but I do not currently have access to my ps5.

  6. 4 or 5 days left for this time trial

  7. Girlfriend bought a 2016 new. Its a great little compact, good mpg good reliability as long as any recalls have been taken care of, because the Darts have had a few.

  8. Late reply. After trying to find a place for my cargo net, I found two empty bolt inserts. Did some googling and it appears that the grocery hooks were removed at some point.

  9. Am I getting old or do young people not know what garage door openers look like anymore?

  10. Considering I'm not that young, I'd say just you didn't grow up poor.

  11. I consider the HGGTO kits to be the perfect blend of HG and RG and they're some of my favorite kits.

  12. Agreed. My GTO Char's Zaku II is maybe my favourite kit, more than my RG's or MG's! The price of an HG but so much detail.

  13. I built the Dom a few weeks ago. My only nit with it was that adjusting the eye requires removing the head and a clear plastic piece.

  14. Wrecker's Point is a minor settlement isn't it? Marienburg is also a special port for most, if not all factions, since it's the trade capital of the Empire and its port generally offers better benefits to reflect that.

  15. If you get the prophet and the warlock dlc for wh2 you'll get Ikit claw and the weapons teams for skaven. What they lack in cav they make up for in melting enemies in withering warpstone and plague fire.

  16. Unless walmart processes have changed or you're company is providing poultry or vacuum sealed meats, this information is useless as all pork and beef are sent to stores in mother bags(air filled bags to preserve the color/freshness) that are dated for expiration at the store, there is no way to know as a customer when the expiration date the packing facility provides.

  17. It didn't happen to me tho, I set the TCS before the race and it gets saved automatically. On which console do you play? I play on PS4 Slim.

  18. It doesn't happen all the time. Mine has done it a few times where I'll run TCS at 0 during practice and when the race starts it'll be at 3 and I won't notice until I take the first turn and realize my pace is now terrible. Had it happen on ps4 and ps5.

  19. Also OP, take the plunge and move to TCS 0, it’s not that bad on GR 3 or 4 and it improves your lap times loads (it definitely helped me getting to DR B!) just do a bunch of practice laps to get used to it

  20. Lap time is negligible for me between tcs 0 and 1 so I tend to run tcs 1 on the cars most likely ro try and kill me.

  21. Yeah I'm pretty happy with my purchase. My friend owns the same model and has had some issues with the pinch safety sensors getting faulty and stopping the cycle midway through. Thankfully mine has been working without issue for the roughly year I've had it.

  22. With the new litter robot 4 they got rid of the pinch sensor. After replacing the sensor on our 3 twice, I was more than happy to pay for the new version. It's also whisper quiet and you can't tell it's cycling unless you're looking at it.

  23. Interesting, does the 4 have less risk of pinching or did they figure out a better way of detecting it?

  24. It's a better way of detecting it, the first batch of 4s had a firmware issue that would produce a false positive on the new sensor but its since been updated.

  25. Like how you were downvoted for something that is actually available on hand.

  26. Am one of the people that doesn't have time to focus on tuning. At best I get an hour to play games a day so when I play gt7 and want to try a new car I'll throw on a tune I find or do a quick dirty tune and generally that works for me.

  27. I appreciate this only because my first and only race in race B this week was a parade of Alfas.

  28. This race, no rule broken, result should stand. Can't imagine NASCAR won't implement a rule to ice this for future races, but it is NASCAR so maybe they don't ban it when they realize the reaction and viewership it creates

  29. I haven't watched since the early 2000s and watching that clip has firmly put nascar into the "joke" category for me if they don't do something about it.

  30. They’re just jealous they didn’t do it first and especially jealous it worked

  31. I'm sure other drivers and teams have considered it and have passed on doing a move like this because at the end of the day it's a dangerous and unsporting move.

  32. Would be really nice if they added a racing fuel tank upgrade so we could use our engine swapped cars in the longer races. Especially when it said something like "use a pre-existing race car or create your own" at some point. Yeah, I'd love to PD but the ones I make run out of fuel after 2 laps.

  33. I thought the engine swapped cars get the same fuel efficiency as the car it came from, or I thought it was back when people were farming tickets for engines.

  34. All it really served to do was give FE detractors ammo to use for why they didn't like it while never actually making much if any difference on track, glad to see it gone really.

  35. I will admit I am one of those detractors. Watched a few races years ago and seeing the race leader constantly get the fanboost left a bad first impression for my introduction to series and I wrote it off as racing I wouldn't take seriously until it was gone.

  36. 60 or 70 turns?! If I'm not holding 8 peaks by 20 we're restarting because something went very wrong. Granted I haven't played a Belegar campaign in over a year, but there is no way I could deal with that increased upkeep penalty for so long.

  37. The other day someone posted a Super Formula beating it’s real life track record around Suzuka.

  38. I'll preface this with I don't program sim racers and the following is what I believe is happening:

  39. This is the kind of player PD is currently catering to. People complained about the penalty system so they removed contact penalties, then people cheated with wall riding so they redid the damage model so now pushing other players into a wall is reward for the bad drivers and punishment for clean drivers.

  40. Now that I know the Evo X has an engine swap, I need this exploit to return so I can have a chance at actually getting the engine.

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