Manhattan Grand Jury Indicts Trump In Connection With Stormy Daniels Payments

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  1. wouldn't work here, they'd embed antifa in the maga crowd, use their violence to break up the sit in and push everyone out.

  2. They think 2000 ct this year. Bummer, but not unexpected.

  3. Spending decreasing will bring both inflation and corporate earnings down.

  4. Guaranteed bull market you say? Got it! Time to YOLO

  5. Increasing inflation...bullish Decreasing inflation...bullish Bank runs...bullish World on fire...bullish Everything...bullish Nothing...bullish Bekng bearish...bullish

  6. Nothing improving economically? Bullish!

  7. I can't tell if this means my MK2 can make use of klipper or not. Can it?

  8. It doesn't. It just means PrusaSlicer can output gcode that Klipper better understands.

  9. Ah, lame. I was hoping it meant the prusa boards could do it native.

  10. Drop and roll, it even lets you avoid lava flows.

  11. Lmao I highly doubt anyone but Tesla have the contact info for the contractors lol. When have you ever heard a company tell the public which contractors they’re using?

  12. You can look up the permits online in my county. Shows you who is doing the work and how to contact them.

  13. It was never released. The OG silver was way better than the silver actually made for customers.

  14. Not all of them. Plenty of gop are in on it. Watch how many Republicans are using democrat verbage - no one is above the law.

  15. A much better equipped military than the world has ever seen. And the logistics are just insane. Yes, at the time the British Empire and Roman's had the strongest militaries but it just doesn't come even close in how much the US can project it's power today. It's honestly scary.

  16. China has all of that and more. They didn't have to pay for R&D because they stole all the US secrets - they have identical fighter jets and stealth bombers the US has.

  17. Have you considered making a one stop of 100-150 points instead of 20 @ 10? Just an idea - does wonders for me.

  18. You have to double down with each bad trade, guaranteed to recoup your losses!

  19. That worked for me a few times. Until it didn’t.

  20. That's the cool thing about it. You either eventually win, or your integer overflow and flip to negative values.

  21. Wrong. Watching op lose 2 mill is more entertaining than watching a fry cook lose 3k.

  22. Last chance to buy sub 60k btc ever

  23. Some pools it is bro. That's the problem with giving advice with a sample size of 1.

  24. last I checked, you said it makes no ROI. I think its perfectly fine for what I get. In fact, I'd pay extra for the convivence even if it didn't break even. I get no ROI on a lot of things. Like a delicious steak.

  25. I said: "I don't know how many people actually get an ROI." And "I highly doubt after you factor in all the costs that you are getting much, if any ROI." And "At best you might be getting close to breakeven, you would be further away if you were like most pool owners and needed an entirely new controller."

  26. Maybe you missed it, but I've had a salt system since 2011. Pretty lame to recommend a FAQ.

  27. They hold custody for large corporations. Like grayscale. Coinbase itself doesn't own it.

  28. Don't expect Bambu performance from an MK4 - physics won't allow it. The MK4 would have been a good printer at its price point a year ago, but now... phfffst!. I'm really looking forward to the (independent) head-to-head reviews between the MK4 and the X1 because I don't see how a bed slinger with a big direct drive hotend can compete with a CoreXY. It's great to see some competition in this space!

  29. I'd take a printer with linear rails over what bambu sells. I don't see how Bambu competes with the XL. Especially with all the part failures we're seeing reported.

  30. Trump paid off Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an affair they had, the payments went through Michael Cohen, who was then an attorney for Trump.

  31. Specifically the question of legality is if it was an undeclared campaign expenditure.

  32. Still waiting for Hillary's perp walk.

  33. Starbucks CEO: We need more drug addicts using our restrooms!

  34. Do you think the left only focuses on banning assault style rifles because if they focused on hand guns then they’d have to acknowledge the gun violence in the inner cities?

  35. They have been talking about banning semi automatic for a while. They won't stop at rifles. They just need to set president then use it to push further.

  36. Globally, white people are the minority.

  37. 500 mile range isn't important for regular driving, but when towing range can be cut down by 60% or even more, it's critical. Especially considering you won't be charging back to 100%, and not likely draining it to 0%, so cut off another 30% or so before towing losses.

  38. I ask and I tell, it's not a big deal to me. Sales info is public. Rate really isn't hard to figure out too based on sales date. You can look it up historically.

  39. I believe you have my stapler

  40. It's very important that inflation is brought into check by poor people losing their jobs. Not rich people losing their deposits.

  41. Poor people don't donate to political causes in quantities that matter. So fuck them.

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