1. This is soo cool! I love the hulk smash sequence😂

  2. If gta taught me anything it’s that the whole gas station should’ve blown up lol

  3. Rewatched this show countless times and never clued into this🤦‍♂️

  4. Ya this was my third rewatch 😂 I’m not sure how I completely blanked every time. I just never thought he would be a snitch.

  5. Idk why so many ppl are being rude, this is a solid ass sketch considering U probably made it very quickly. Great work man

  6. Lool I came here looking for this, idk why ur getting downvoted when it’s clearly a joke

  7. I personally would’ve gouged out that vatos Eyes and poked one out and taken a bite out of and said “mmm eye candy”

  8. I’d love to see him. Maybe he’s the next contact we’ll meet through Dr. Caldera?

  9. Ooo that’s a good theory, I’d love to see dr caldera again as well

  10. I’m super excited too but honestly I doubt we will get any moon knight references for at least a year

  11. Facts that shit would rip ur hands apart if u tried stabbing someone

  12. It really seems like Jake and Konshu have had a really strong relationship from the start of there servitude and Marc was just completely left in the dark.

  13. Holy shit Ammit is terrifying

  14. Not rly tbh lol she kinda felt like a let down to me. The whole episode was amazing don’t get me wrong, but ammits true form just didn’t give me “Evil of all evil god” vibes

  15. Holy shit that was amazing… Marc and Steven waking up to all those bodies around them gave me goosebumps. And that post credit scene😬😬 jeez I can’t wait for more moon knight content

  16. Rest of the world thinks he’s dead however

  17. Honestly I’m sure lalo would rather the rest of the world believe he’s alive and Gus believe he’s dead.

  18. Editing Teasers are much more Harder than Editing The series itself, that Kim looking back made us Crap our pants!

  19. Right!?? Then it ends up just being her adjusting her seat lmaoo

  20. I think it’ll definitely get better, everyone should watch emergency awesomes video talking about this. They’re gonna be getting rid of most the CW shows and are gonna hire a “Kevin fiege” of there own (Weirdly they actually said that word for word lol).

  21. She doesn't understand how dangerous he is. She knows he's bad but I'm not sure she'd be so brazen if she understood how powerful he is.

  22. I mean imagine if Kim was with mike in the desert that day instead of Saul, She would definitely be traumatized as well.

  23. She probably would have been more traumatised. Jimmy shut down and I think having dealt with Tuco sort of primed him for something like this and it saved him a bit from more trauma.

  24. What episode was the car crash thing mentioned?? I totally forgot about that and wanna rewatch the scene

  25. I think Ammit might kill Harrow. He’s definitely a bad guy.

  26. But in the trailer we can see harrow and Marc running at eachother and it appears that Ammit has given Harrow some power (like how Konshu gives Marc power) cuz there’s no way he would stand a chance without it.

  27. Well obviously he enjoys what he does, that being beating the system, but in turn by doing by beating the system he helps people. He does good things, by enjoyably scheming.

  28. What good things though? He completely perjured himself and made up a fake family so that lalo (a sociopathic criminal) could slip through the cracks and get away.

  29. Yes he helped Lalo escape, but the result was ultimately good, now he’s able to represent people who wouldn’t usually get a great defense, I mean think about how many clients were in the nail salon last episode. And, he also helped similar people escape the law’s grasp by selling them untraceable phones. Sure he does some bad stuff and helps some bad people, but that has also led to good outcomes for good people.

  30. Dude these are all criminals… they’re not just low income citizens. All these criminals want saul as there attorney now because they know that he’s corrupt and that he’s willing to go outside the law to get the job done. Why do you think they said “ur Salamanca’s guy”? Because they know the cartel now essentially owns Saul.

  31. Yeah, but I'm saying you don't need everything to be connected. It frustrates me because tying everything together just causes everything else to snarl up and makes it difficult for people to actually get into things. I want more people to get into 'Moon Knight', but if it suddenly ends with saying 'BEE-TEE-DUBS KHONSHU IS FROM QUANTUM REALM LOL' then now they're going to have to go and watch the Ant-Man movies to understand what that means

  32. Yeah I agree with you there. But I don’t think OP was tryna say that the quantum realm Is gonna play a huge role in moon knight, just that it could be a little Easter egg and reference to it.

  33. Yeah, it just annoys when when this happens. Believe me, I'm the first person to enjoy a cute reference (I've always loved the bit in X-Men 2 where Mystique finds a list of names on Stryker's computer, all of which were references to the comics), but at the same time, not every single things needs to be connected together in a mind-map spider-web. Moon Knight is good enough to exist on it's own, it doesn't need to be tied to anything else, and I honestly think that doing so would only harm it in the long run.

  34. Ya no I doubt they’d do anything drastic considering tonight’s the last episode and there’s still so much of it’s own story to tell. I honestly really hope they don’t try to force a weird cameo in the post credit scene, I can’t think of any character that would naturally fit.

  35. A mistake plus keleven gets you home by 7… He was home at 4:45 that day.

  36. Dude this is sick af damn nice work! Better then most official trailers

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