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Michael Mando, Nacho from Better Call Saul AMA 06/19 10:30am EST

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  1. Seriously I want to breed motherfucking Chaos

  2. I wasn't aware of this. After I quit WoW I tried out ESO, FFXIV and GW2. ESO is the only one I'm still not playing. What do people like about it that other MMOs don't have?

  3. Well it's the only MMO that has a player character race with canonical spiked penises. Still haven't found that in any other game.

  4. Is your name Loren Peterson? Also, were you born in 1991?

  5. It is the best MMO out on the market right now... FFXIV and GW2 have NOTHING on ESO!

  6. Yo, you hiring? HMU dude, I am interested!

  7. Thanks so much.... So the World Edition is literally just the same as a US game?

  8. I check eBay for everything. All it takes is a bit of searching to find the right one!

  9. Haha I legit NEVER use ebay so I never think about it. In my mind Amazon is the only online store. I need to think better :P

  10. I do digital marketing and marketing for a living and at least once a week someone gives me an opinion with no backing or analytics. Funny how you found famous thats been in business for 50 plus years wrong and sided with the dumbest character next to Kevin. Not to mention calling him the worst over so many other characters. Saving this post for a good laugh on a rainy day. Thx lol

  11. Lol exactly it was a joke, seeing all the trends on people hating random side characters. Famous always seemed so nice, All we wanted to do was do a presentation and give out some good cookies

  12. man you people will bitch about any one and anything.

  13. Isn't the point of these threads just to be sarcastic and funny? Lighten up my dude.

  14. I am 5'7, 170lbs, white, shaved head and a beard! I mean I am no model, but I am ok!

  15. Haha why? If you werent in Raleigh it wasnt you. But I had on a button up floral shirt

  16. Holy Hell, I was just on a Karl binge... Haha. I will always love this man!

  17. I think it should be fairly easy either way. Maybe for tutorials make a new account? Idk if there is any in the game though!

  18. Dude, HUGE fan of your work. LOVE you in BCS, especially your last episode. Dude, you have my vote for an Emmy!

  19. Thank you Yakov! We're looking into action/drama thrillers right now, maybe sci-fi? I also have some things that will be announced soon :)

  20. Hell yes dude, please do a good Sci-fi!

  21. Thats the Upside Down dude... be careful of mind flayers!

  22. I've really gotta watch the new season. Everyone talking about it!

  23. PLEASE do... Watch it... And DM me after... I find it the best one yet!

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