1. What part of OPS+ of 112 or higher in 4 separate seasons do you not understand?

  2. CT/Adam vs Johnny/Tyler when CT choo choo'ed through Tyler is a big one for me.

  3. I can't believe we have elim win vs Josh in top-16 goat moments of the show.

  4. Based on what it went up against, I'd pick that to win both times.

  5. Hey man, step back off the ledge. He played in an offense led by Zach Wilson or Joe Flacco most of the time, and he’s only 22.

  6. I get what you're saying, but I think all WRs have a little diva in them, especially a fairly high pick when he's only 22. The guy was getting targeted about as little as anyone in the league last year despite running tons of routes And when he did get targeted it was uncatchable at a high rate. I could see where that frustration comes from.

  7. I’m surprised that he was surprised to be traded lol. He wanted out, and the Jets just added Lazard so he was going to call to fourth on that depth chart lol.

  8. Would have made more sense for them to cut Davis and keep him with Wilson and Hall as a young core for Rodgers. Lazard and Hardman would probably take some snaps/targets from him but you’d think they’d have wanted to build around cheaper talent if they plan on taking on Rodgers contract.

  9. Checked this list to make sure Dwayne Bowe was at the top and now that I know he is I can rest easy.

  10. You guys realize this is about Marquise Goodwin and not Chris Godwin right? Dude is 32 and aside from one good 900+ yard season where he barely caught 50% of his passes he's either been hurt or not very good.

  11. Hollywood caught something like 37/39 catachable balls in 2020. He was wonderful.

  12. He basically had 1,000 yard season production pace after OBJ hurt his knee in 2020 and followed it up with being in the game Week 1 of 2021 for only 4 snaps when the only other healthy WRs were Landry, DPJ, and Schwartz.

  13. He was waaaay too kind about Jonna. The promise/vote/failure to apologize or acknowledge she went back on her promise is just sloppy.

  14. I wish Clowney had worked out. But his behavior and lack of production last season just stamped that ticket out of town.

  15. To be fair he did work out...in 2021.

  16. Mangina era - we win like 5/6 down the stretch and he’s still retained as head coach untill next year.

  17. Yep, 2009 when Jerome Harrison turned into a beast and got like 600 yards the last 3 games and they won 4 in a row to close out the season.

  18. Win more and we get these 50/50 decisions. Niners loaded on D he will shine there.

  19. I was told players will flock to play with Watson.

  20. I think he got 2nd, didn’t Wells from The Bachelor franchise win?

  21. Because the leading rusher in the Super Bowl being paid sub 1M stat is disingenuous

  22. Yeah, and on top of that Ray Rice had just been franchise tagged and got a new contract the year the Ravens won it. People are being intentionally deceptive when they cite that stuff.

  23. Eric Hosmer had all the symptoms of turning into trash even before he signed that deal. He alternated between replacement level or worse and above average starter with a lot of PA every year between 2012 and 2017 and every year where he was successful he ran a high BABIP. All the while he was a very bad, yet overrated, defender.

  24. Exactly. He’s been a major leaguer for 12 seasons but has been above average for only 4. He won 4 gold gloves and likely deserved none of them.

  25. If you remember the thread about his expectations for his first game back there were people who seriously expected 350 yards 2 throwing TDS and 1 rushing TD

  26. When he was traded for and when the suspension was announced, there were lots of people saying they expected rust, but there were a bunch of people who argued with those people and said that he'd been playing the game his whole life and kept in shape so he won't be rusty - if Brissett could just get them 5 wins, Watson could win out with that schedule and the Browns were playoff contenders.

  27. There is no looking elsewhere. We’ve committed a quarter billion guaranteed to him. It’s Watson or bust

  28. Right. Not sure what's confusing about this to anyone - the cap hit to get rid of him would literally be almost as much as the entire cap. They can't cut him and if he's a bust they won't be able to trade him with that contract so the Browns immediate future rests on Watson's shoulders.

  29. OP with a hilariously L take on Jordan and proceeds to double down on it in the comments.

  30. Yeah, at this point OP should just admit they don't like Jordan and move on.

  31. Special team DVOA Ind- ‘22-27th ‘21-14th ‘20-10th ‘19-16th ‘18-12th

  32. Never top 10 - but at least he never wanted to nuke the gays, amirite?

  33. This is literally every parent with their little kids on slides lol

  34. No, you're right. The overhaul of the coaching staff is no indication at all that Haslam and Berry think Stefanski needs to make some changes fast or he's out. The changes will only be limited to the staff and not which players they utilize, for sure. And with Hunt and possibly Johnson likely gone that won't change a thing about the RB room. There is zero possibility.

  35. Was a WR because of the loaded RB room. RB room will likely not be loaded next year. It'll be Chubb and Ford. There should be an opportunity.

  36. You can limit certain people over others. There is a way to do it and limit outbursts, as long as it is not encouraged it should be fine if people prove they can do it responsibly.

  37. Lol, limiting the belligerent drunk while allowing people who can handle themselves to have unlimited alcohol has never caused a problem in history, right? You've never seen someone get cut off at a bar and not take it well?

  38. Letting someone get drunk to the point that they run around like CT or Camila and swing on people is a liability that costs money. I think that's the bottom line.

  39. It's kind of amazing that we have the best coaching staff we've ever assembled in the new Browns era, and it's entirely possible that it could be dismantled in 6 games.

  40. There’s no way of knowing this to be honest. Coaching staffs are thought of as good or bad based on the results, if you give a great coach zero talent then they’ll struggle and look bad regardless. Stefanski and his staff…are they the best because they’ve been roughly .500 for the last 3 years? Would Pettine/Shanahan have been better had they lasted longer?

  41. I agree with the Tori one, and I’ll add that the last one resembles Amber in a way.

  42. He's won MVP of the celebrity softball game before, but I agree...I don't expect much in this game.

  43. I was shocked CT was down there instead of the goof.

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