1. Old comment, but I just upgraded yesterday and am currently installing FH5. To be clear, I don’t have to do anything, it’s cloud saved?

  2. A lot of this is from the hit movie Money Plane. It's about a plane with money on it. It's one of the favorite films at Red Letter Media.

  3. Because a lot of phones, including mine, will autocorrect from women to woman and vice versa. I don't know why it does this because it never corrects the correction correctly to the correct correction, but I never notice it until after I hit send. Blame our shitty autocorrecting keyboards.

  4. Try saying the field is concrete. AI has trouble with positions.

  5. As excited as I am for the official release stuff down the line is even more exciting that will make composing a shot significantly easier. One thing mentioned in the presentation was the ability to shrink a shield because it was too big.

  6. One day it will produce 3D and then we can print them.

  7. I'm praying to AI Gods right now that Stability AI grants me that beta access. I so need this 😁 it's too good to believe. So good.

  8. It's so far along I think the release is coming soon. NovelAI claimed next week for theirs and they are using Stable Diffusion. They might have been joking though.

  9. I'm been a beta tester for Dall E 2. But now it's very clear which one is better. I need stable diffusion now lol

  10. It gets better, final version has no censorship. Right now we can already generate things OpenAI won't allow like Obama in Fortnite.

  11. Forgive me in I'm wrong but cant you get banned for trying to generate faces of existing people?

  12. Stable Diffusion during beta can be used to make anything that is safe for work. On release no such censorship will apply.

  13. This is Stable Diffusion from the beta. These were not cherry picked. We can generate a prompt every minute with no daily limit. Render time depends on how many people are using it. This morning doing some renders they were producing at less than 1 second per image, it's longer now with more people using it. On release it will be open source. NovelAI has already shown off their integration with it.

  14. Do the rockets change trajectory to make it harder to calculate where they were fired from?

  15. With the snap of my fingers half of the ruling class will vanish and nobody will even notice.

  16. So I assume the person who made this video is a developer?

  17. I think so. There's also people with early access to the source code to develop tools and integrate it with their services. NovelAI is adding their own enhancements.

  18. They will use China to deliver what they need in Serbia

  19. China is in it for China. They are going to suck Russia dry when Russia realizes it has no choice but to take whatever deals China offers them.

  20. Crazy to think that one man can tell a bunch of other men to go fight this war for me and they line up to go fight and die why don’t the ones in charge go fight the fight themselves are they chicken to fight or chicken to get an ass whopping leaders are such pussy

  21. War is old men talking and young men dying.

  22. Gaining ground isn't equivalent to winning. You can gain all the ground you want but as long as there's people fighting back it can all be lost. It's not a video game where they have to go square by square taking back all the land, Russia could pull back and cede everything they're occupying whenever they want.

  23. It makes these discussions a bit tedious to read when everyone is stumbling over each other to try and be clever with the same wordplay.

  24. It has some real Micro$haft Winblows boomer energy.

  25. General purpose generators are the way to go. Current machine learning systems learn by looking at tons of data, and they can use that data to create new things that it's never seen before. Limiting an image or video generator only learn from porn significantly limits it's porn producing potential due to less training data and the inherent sameness of a lot of porn. It will produce output very similar to the training data, which is not what we want, we want creative output.

  26. The links you showed only make me think it's further away than I originally thought

  27. It made me think it's closer than I thought. Video generation is at the same point static image generation was a few years ago. However, there's many more research teams and new techniques that seems to be speeding up advancements. Few people were working on machine learning when AlexNet was released in 2012, now there's tons of them.

  28. yeah if you like images of imaginary people with missing limbs, merging body parts, physically impossible body arrangements and messed up faces.

  29. It's not a leak, sit in any of the channels where people are generating images and you'll see nudes even when the prompts don't specify it. The AI just really likes to make naked women. I've yet to see a naked man.

  30. It's based on Stable Diffusion so they'll probably have to wait until it's officially released even if they could push the update sooner. Will be interesting to find out who else got early access to integrate it into their software.

  31. Yep. Image generation is a feature to come to users Soon™

  32. Soon you'll be able to generate images for the stories. I can't wait. I need it now.

  33. It's so beautiful. So wonderful. I'm going to explode waiting for this. My cats will howl until it's added. Don't make my cats howl NovelAI.

  34. Is the model being used by stability.ai available? Or do they have their own proprietary model locked away?

  35. The model will be open source upon release. It's currently being beta tested by 10,000+ users. No word on the release date but given how there's no major problems with the AI I hope it's soon.

  36. Look at me. I've got the jar of dirt now.

  37. That just makes it more confusing. Nobody accidently pressed that button combination?

  38. Those twitter threads mention a beta signup but I can't seem to find it on their twitter, website or blog. Any idea where it is?

  39. It's currently closed but you can sign up still.

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