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  1. I looked at the thumbnail and thought somene drew Inkling John Cena.

  2. I remember watching Futurama the day that it aired for the first time.

  3. That medal on him i think is a wound badge, it means he went there after he was wounded in battle and was probably deemed no longer fit for combat by the Wehrmacht (or whatever branch). He probably didn’t wish to retire from duty either, combine that with the constant push to hate jews back then and you have a very sad, very angry, and most likely confused man. Assuming he was on the Eastern front as many were, i do not know where id rather be. They were both hellish places of unspeakable horrors.

  4. Can not wait to be at Target for eight hours tomorrow. I am also in Colorado... and it's 4/20....

  5. One of my favorite Michael/Toby moments is during the episode where Jan is trying to sue Dunder Mifflin and Michael is caught in the middle of it.During their lunch break Toby tries to console Michael by telling him abut how similar his parents' divorce was on him.Michael responds by pushing his lunch tray off the table without batting an eye.Hilarious.

  6. The Rockies? In North Carolina? Good job though, North & South Dakota are pretty cute.

  7. Knowing that’d make me feel real bad about what’s in my intrnet search history.

  8. Yeh as soon as I saw her I imdb’d so frikking fast. Gorgeous woman

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