1. I recommend Vodafone. Its not the cheapest but I've only had 1 issue in 4 years with them

  2. i’ve actually got 15gb for £8 a month with vodafone, just got to keep an eye out for good deals

  3. When my dad passed away, whenever I walked into my mum’s room to get something I used to just pause for a minute or two to make sure she was still breathing. Not exactly the same as your situation, but what you’re doing is not psychopathic at all.

  4. i’ve tried but i feel like i’m a little bit of everything :(

  5. you could be right! of course. Ooh, I haven't heard about the Ruiqi rumor.I just checked and it does say she's Hui on her kprofile! which is not really the best source lol, but who knows. If she is, I wonder if she was raised muslim or practices Islam in some way. or if she's only Hui by ethnicity.

  6. hui people are ethnically han with islamic culture

  7. Hey, I can't advise you about other courses and stuff, but I can probably try to make CS less of a hellish experience for you. I cannot say that I completely empathize with your frustration with the subject, but I've definitely helped many friends in similar situations. You don't have to pursue something you're not interested in, but if you want to do A Level CS, maybe you'll find this useful.

  8. Thanks a lot, I’ve saved this in my bookmarks!

  9. Any chance you could pick up a new a level in the summer since y12 doesn't count for anything. Not sure how your school will react to that.

  10. My school is a kinda tyrannical girls’ grammar school. My friend went to ask about redoing Y12 and they told her to finish A Levels and take a gap year 😅

  11. Based on the information given in your post (including the apparent lack of ILR or similar documentation for your father), and if you felt strongly that you wanted to cancel your citizenship application process and fight for recognition as a British citizen by birth, there might be a path forward, as described below.

  12. I’m not able to look at my dad’s old passports, which does make this situation a bit harder;;

  13. My point being that OP has found himself in a situation not of their making, with little info, less thought (expired passport), and should NOT take legal advice from Reddit but from a proper immigration lawyer.

  14. Hello, I have lived in the UK my whole life so there isn’t a question of where I reside. (e: I should’ve clarified this in my post, sorry)

  15. First consider whether you were born a British citizen without being aware of it:

  16. Thank you so much for the information, I have actually already submitted an application so I think there won’t be any deadline issues.

  17. You're very welcome and thanks for the silver.

  18. Ah I see, I don’t actually have an Dutch ID card but I’ll definitely consider getting one based on what you’ve said. Once again thanks a lot ☺️

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