1. Feels like I could’ve written this. I also felt like things would change for me in college (well I had my doubts but a small part of me was optimistic). But of course it was the same old story. All those guys in one place and not one was interested… yikes. It’s definitely a weird and confusing feeling.

  2. Thank you for the response! It really is a weird feeling not being able to have that classic college experience that people talk about.

  3. I’ve desired having a boyfriend since I was 11 and I was manifesting it from that time since (didn’t know what manifestation was until 2 years ago) but it never happened. I read so much about how you need to keep that desire in your head and act like you already have it. I’ve done all of that like every second of my day since I was 11. I would think about having a bf and having an imaginary one. I’d read about how people would manifest it for just a few weeks and suddenly they find themselves in a relationship. I’m certain now that even the universe can’t find someone that’ll like/love me lol. I’ve even found myself so desperate that I have been looking into how to cast a love spell in hopes of getting my shot at romance even if it’s a disingenuous one.

  4. Never had a guy talk to me about anything outside of school questions and even that was super rare :/ guess I’m even more in the minority lol

  5. You must be doing some wrong somehow or somewhere, haha :D

  6. It’s just my face that’s the problem really. I had a lot more matches and responses when I was using a cartoon pic as my profile

  7. I would think there is someone out there no matter how someone look... I know this is horrible advise, but did you try showing a bit of cleavage just as a test? haha

  8. Don’t have any to show lol but I don’t think I’d want someone who’s only matching me for my cleavage but beggars can’t be choosers I guess

  9. Lately, I’ve started to come to terms that I’ll always be alone and that it would be better to work and have an income without friends or romantic partners but it still hurts seeing how easy people around me have friends and several people ready to commit to a relationship with them. I’ve always been invisible and thought that once I got older, something will change and that this can’t be permanent but now I’m pretty sure it is. I’m graduating college in a few weeks and I have nothing to show for it. No college memories whatsoever. The so called “best time of your life” has come and gone and I can’t even say I did one fun thing (even though I was always open to it and had a light class schedule). All I get is a useless piece of paper.

  10. Definitely in the same boat as you. I’ve used all the dating apps and get no responses. Even for a little time I swiped right on every single profile I saw and I still got no matches :/

  11. I know that it feels incredibly lonely, but it will be okay! You're only 22, you have so much time ahead of you to find someone! I'm 24f and I've never had a relationship either. People say that you have to love yourself first before you love someone else and maybe there's some truth in that? You can take this time to work on yourself and set other goals for yourself, and you never know when love might come to you once you've stopped focusing on it and feeling bad about it.

  12. I appreciate your comment. I’ve been trying to improve the way I view myself and have gotten to a point where I can now say to myself things like “hey I look good” etc. It’s super hard for me to not think about it like every racing thought I’ve had not related to completing tasks since the age of 11 was wanting a relationship lol.

  13. 22 years, I keep uninstalling/reinstalling dating apps in hopes that maybe this time I’ll meet someone that likes me but nope. I don’t even get matched with guys that only want hookups. Irl is a lot worse because people just fall into relationships while I haven’t even had a guy ever show interest in me :/

  14. It made me absolutely terrified of guys my age. I was only bullied by boys from elementary to middle school. I would be the only girl they would ever insult and all the other girls in my class would have super positive interactions with them. The two people that have ever noticed the bullying were so confused by how they treated me. Now at 22 I still do everything in my power to avoid them like the plague. I never make eye contact with them or have a conversation with them out of fear that they’ll start insulting my face. It resulted in me never having any romantic relationships with guys and the kicker is that I blame it on being ugly instead of the fact that I avoid all spaces where they’d be in. It has really made me resent the four boys that bullied me, they destroyed all my social skills before I was even to develop them.

  15. It kinda sounds like they were attracted to you and they were too immature to deal with it.

  16. I highly doubt that. They would “date” (idk what the 10 year old equivalent of that is) other girls and made it obvious who they’d have a crush on. They would be super nice to them before they came clean and confess their feelings to her. They just legitimately hated me.

  17. I rarely get matches on any apps anyways but I’d probably only respond to messages where the person asked a question or made a comment about my bio. I wouldn’t respond to a one worded message.

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