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  1. Most songs from the 80s are at best mid and at worst absolute garbage

  2. I knew of a lady that got fired for not showing up to work. She had died. HR somehow forgot.

  3. "If you're planning on dying, you should've requested vacation time" -HR, probably

  4. "How could you leave us short staffed like this? We're a team"

  5. A regular occurence until halfway through high school. If it wasn't my mom beating me for the smallest of mistakes, it was my brother picking a fight with me for whatever reason.

  6. Every dad joke / name pun / pickup "line" posted here is for this sub, shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to actual dates.

  7. And then those same people complain about women not being able to carry a conversation/ghosting them

  8. Good, because I absolutely hated wearing them. Always had to look up a video on how to tie a tie, and it would always take multiple tries. I think the last time I wore a tie was March 2020, like 3 days before everything shut down

  9. Work, or if it's a slow day I hang out in a couple of discord servers or on reddit

  10. My favourite part was her instant back pedalling when I called her out, saying it was just a joke and that's how she is with everyone

  11. The homophobic slurs that were thrown at me online (a couple of times in person, by people I didnt even know) because a "friend" started a fake rumor in freshman year and literally only 1 person actually bothered to ask if it was true. Everyone else just went along with it.

  12. Everything about his profile screams older guy trying to hook up with younger women.

  13. Took a look at some of his comments here, you're completely on the money. He's even trying to hit up people he thinks are 20 something year old white girls in the comments.

  14. I am 28F, I wonder if it’s generational. “Yellow fever “ was definitely a thing

  15. I'm a couple of years younger than you, "yellow fever" didn't apply to the Asian guys when I was growing up quite the opposite actually

  16. Fellow restaurant worker here- this always makes me wonder what would have actually been good enough service. Like you sit down and the server teleports to your table with the drinks you want already ready, walks away and comes back 30 seconds later with appetizers, entrees look like they belong in a food commercial, and your glass never gets less than 80% full? So many of these people also tip based on things the server has no control over

  17. Nothing would be good enough for those kinds of people. A former friend of mine would find the absolute most bullshit reasons to either not leave a tip or leave one that was insultingly low (like 1% low, he even left a single cent as a tip once). On plenty of occasions he has cited the reason as "not liking the waiter's tone," even though everyone else couldn't see the issue.

  18. Ugh people like this are something else, just admit you’re a cheapskate and keep it pushing

  19. That's the craziest part, he had no problems admitting he was a cheapskate so it's even more weird that he had to make up excuses to pull that shit

  20. Ezra Miller. Even before everything, he was kind of annoying.

  21. DC wanted to keep TV and movie Flash separate, which really seemed to piss off Stephen Amell ( Green Arrow ).

  22. Apparently I can't have alcoholic drinks that don't taste like unwashed ass because it's gay if I actually want to enjoy my drink

  23. Yes, only at work since it's still required there. I don't have one on in most places because it's no longer required.

  24. I had covid twice this year (at times where I wasn't outside for 2 or 3 weeks at a time so I definitely got it from family members). The first time, I had an intermittent fever, my muscles were constantly aching, I was tired all the time, and for about a week I could barely get out of bed. I slept for around 18 hours a day.

  25. I mean there was that time a drunk, middle aged woman sexually assaulted me.

  26. I used to have a bunch of different toys and I'd pretend I was playing Starcraft or Age of Empires with them. I had different toys assigned to be different units and set them up by color

  27. I don't want to get specific but I'm currently in an administrative role for a warehouse. If money wasn't an issue I'd probably want to try a bunch of different things

  28. It was alright. I don't remember much about it but we had a week in 5th and a week in 6th grade where the boys and girls were separated and we learned about the reproductive system (we covered both the male and female reproductive system). After 6th grade it was a part of the health/phys. ed class. I honestly don't remember what I learned in 7th or 8th grade but the boys and girls were together for those years. In freshman year of high school we learned a bit about STDs and I remember my gym teacher having a like 6 different forms of female condoms, even though we were a class of guys.

  29. Not much for the most part. I think the most useful piece of advice I gained off reddit was someone who told me to ask about a company's knowledge transfer/training process when I was talking about my previous job and how I wasn't being properly trained, then being berated for not knowing anything.

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