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  1. You know what really annoys me? When people see a show with 1 or 2 lgbtq relationships, and then think that because a few people in it are lgbtq then everyone has to be. Stop reaching so damn hard and just enjoy the fucking show.

  2. I personally don’t headcanon all these unconfirmed characters as anything, however this show does have A LOT of representation and a lot of characters (including background characters) are in fact depicted as LGBTQ in some way

  3. As someone who just finished high school like a month and a half ago, I can say 0%

  4. It’s called bits in Europe, just because they have a different word for it doesn’t mean it’s wrong

  5. Mon El, because neither Kara nor Lena are gay.

  6. I am very much shocked seeing the number of Kara and Lena shippers here

  7. Sounds like you’ve only ever had grocery store cheesecake or smth

  8. I don't get the pronouns... So I just said her name...

  9. They’re non-binary. Their pronouns are they/them. What part of that don’t you get?

  10. No it’s literally my favorite, I’m in love with Rachel as a character, and the soundtrack is top notch, and Chloe’s backstory and perspective is so well fleshed out

  11. I knew an ENFJ who was completely heartbroken for months over someone he never even dated. Idk what you mean by this I’ve never seen this in ENFJs.

  12. I was your age when I realized I was gay too. Please read this thoroughly, because it’s gonna be okay.

  13. Lol I’m 18 in a month and I adore it. Anyone can enjoy an animated series. Do you know how many adults loved Gravity Falls? Avatar The Last Airbender? No, never too old, just be a nerd with us.

  14. My life is hell. I just think it's funny that you'd think there would be any cons to me ending my life. There is no one left that would be sad.

  15. There’s always someone. You never truly realize how you affect other people and how they see you. That’s inside their heart, and only they truly know. And there’s no reason life won’t get better just because it sucks. I’ve been there, and I know it’s easy to get lost in the now, but there’s also a future ahead of you that only you can shape

  16. Why should I know? You asked, so obviously you don’t know either

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