1. Do you have any favorites? I've been looking for group fitness classes too

  2. I have gone a few times to Some Yoga Studio (that's the real name) in Somerville and liked their classes!

  3. Where did you wife get her cert, if you don't mind me asking?

  4. I go to The Corner Studio and love it! It's very chill and they offer a variety of classes. If you're new, they have a Yoga Basics class on Wednesday night that is excellent. I hear Soul City Yoga is also supposed to be good but I haven't had a chance to go.

  5. I go to Soul City Yoga but haven't gone to Corner Studio yet!

  6. I think Assembly Row has some spots with major discounts for first classes (Pure Barre, Title Boxing, Orangetheory, Cyclebar) but memberships can be expensive and these spots are often tailored towards a specific kind of workout.

  7. Do you know how much pure barre costs per month? I've been interested in the assembly row location, but couldn't find a price online (which makes me think its expensive)

  8. Corner studio yoga in South Medford has a discounted 2 week trial. I believe it gives access to unlimited classes, both in person and online.

  9. Recs on what to do in Portland (WITHOUT a car)?

  10. Most people like to take a cab or an uber to the old port from the Portland Transportation Center, but if you do this you'll be missing one of the best kept secrets in Portland! Leave the center and make your way out to the main drag out front (Congress St.) and make a left (West). There are so many undiscovered gems and cute little mom and pop shops down that way. Also, some of the best seafood in the country!

  11. Could take the Downeaster train up to New Hampshire or the southern part of Maine (Old Orchard Beach, Portland), shouldn't be hard to find fun in those places

  12. Amtrak Downeaster to Portland ME. Lake shore limited to the Berkshires, Pittsfield MA.

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