1. I don’t know who is even interested in the Flash.

  2. Had no idea Rogue one grossed over a billion. Did it have the benefit of being released after Stars Wars 7?

  3. That, and the fact that Vader was highly teased during the trailers for the movie.

  4. Don’t think there will ever be a year like 2019 again. Insane. Never thought a top 10 worldwide chart for the year would be 90% $1B club

  5. Never? It will definitely happen sooner rather than later.

  6. Dune 2 ain’t making a billion and Flash is getting railroaded due to Ezra.

  7. I agree, I see both around $600M tbh. But you never know, Dune had a great reception and word of month, so there could be great anticipation for the sequel.

  8. I can’t speak to worldwide numbers, because I don’t think any have been posted.

  9. Crash Bandicoot from the N-Sane Trilogy, currently working on Rachet and Clank: Rift Apart for #49.

  10. Looking at this film now, and comparing it to the other supposed 2020 releases. It’s clear that this would’ve been easily the biggest film of 2020, probably by a few hundred million. Still the same $1B+ it will get here.

  11. Don’t forget Mulan, Soul, Raya and the Last Dragon, Cruella, Luca, and Death on the Nile!

  12. I do believe this is the last "Weekend Casual Discussion Thread" we'll have before the year is halfway over.

  13. Definitely not the only one, many people don’t like this franchise lol.

  14. I can somewhat understand the arguments for all of these except the Last Jedi lmao, like, there's no way a 1.3 billion dollar grosser 'went broke'. I don't know if you personally believe that or if you're just mentioning movies that have gotten that claim, this is just an example that always irks me lmao

  15. To answer for The Last Jedi one, the logic is that it made significantly less than the predecessor, and it did have relatively poor legs for being over the Christmas season. Of course, the logic is ridiculous for all of them, but I find it especially ridiculous for films that actually made a fair profit.

  16. Legitimate question: Is all of this stuff happening with Netflix pointing to the beginning of the end with Netflix? Or is it just that they peaked, and they will always be around, just not as the biggest streaming service?

  17. So wild this doubled Black Widow and nearly doubled Shang-Chi, huge win for Fast & Furious

  18. While I agree the F9 performance was very impressive, I think context is important. F9 had a Chinese release, which the Marvel films did not. Subtracting that, would give a total of $509M. Black Widow earned $125M from a PA release, so adding that to the $380M made, gives a very close $505M.

  19. This is a useless comparison as Black Widow would not gross 220M in China.

  20. That’s fair, but even then, Black Widow could’ve grossed around $100M+, which closes the gap.

  21. If both fail, that doesn’t matter, as El Muerto will have already been shot, and for all we know, another SUMC movie may be announced and have started filming for a Summer 2024 release, like Spider-Woman.

  22. How much do we think this will make? According to the movie’s Wikipedia page, the 2012 3D rerelease made $343.6M WW, which also pushed it past $2B. It also had a 2017 rerelease, which only made around $7M but was also only in theaters for a week (compared to over two months for the 2012 one). I wonder how long the 2023 one will be in theaters and if it will make multiple hundreds of millions of dollars. Maybe the movie will slowly float up to become the highest-grossing film of all time if they just keep giving it rereleases every few years and are able to keep drawing audiences. I mean, it would be at $2.5B if the 2023 rerelease made as much as the 2012 rerelease (although there’s certainly no guarantee of that). Maybe they’ll just very slowly push it up there over the course of years unless an Avatar movie or something completely demolishes the current record and makes $3.9B or whatever.

  23. The only issue with that theory, is that since Avatar is getting a rerelease, they will probably make $100M+, making that record even harder to get. Also, if you only do a rerelease once a decade, it won’t be till 2043 until you at least have a shot, and at that point I’m sure the record would be far pass $2.8B.

  24. We could have 5 films make over $20M this weekend. Even prior to the pandemic, I don't think that happened too often. I checked all of 2019 with no luck.

  25. I was bored, so I looked it up, and the last time this happened was the weekend of July 22-24. Star Trek: Beyond, Lights Out, and Ice Age: Collision Course all were released this week, earning the 1st, 3rd, and 4th spots, and The Secret Life of Pets and Ghostbusters were holdovers for the previous week at the 2nd and 5th spots.

  26. Theres another TMNT movie coming out? Is this another sequel to the recent live action movies or another reboot?

  27. It’s a 3D animated reboot produced by Seth Rogan.

  28. My local theater usually have a wide selection of theaters, considering there are like 8 screens, however as of right now, there are only three films, Lightyear, Jurassic World: Dominon, and Top Gun: Maverick. This is very unusual, and I’m curious as to why.

  29. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, The Dark Knight, Joker, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and soon to be Top Gun: Maverick all made $1B without a Chinese release.

  30. The Greatest Showman is the number one modern example easily. Budget of $80M, yet only opened to $8M DOM in its first weekend. Ended up grossing $174M domestically and $440M WW.

  31. Pretty much what everyone else is saying. Black Widow didn’t bomb if you include Premier Access. Shang-Chi broke even and made some profit. Eternals flopped.

  32. Top Gun: Maverick is having fantastic holds, so there should be nothing to worry about. Also, the film reportably has a 120 theatrical exclusivity window, meaning it can’t go on streaming before then, which means that you don’t have to worry about it leaving theaters quicker than expected.

  33. The Matrix Resurrections is a whole other discussion, but Disney are known for pretty much making big budget films for their their theatrical releases these days, and Pixar are typically among the most expensive. Every Pixar film since Wall-E (except for Soul and Luca, for whatever reason) have had a budget of $175M+. Maybe it’s something they need to reconsider, but big budgets are a tradition for Pixar films, because they traditionally make the big money to support it.

  34. I'm not underselling Top Gun's success, but I think we're exaggerating here. Not only adjusted for inflation as an argument, Star Wars was an explosive event back then; Top Gun Maverick is not in the same league.

  35. The only statement I’m making with this is that Star Wars has fallen out of the domestic top twenty films of all time, not that there’s anything bad about it. I even mention in my comment that it’s too be expected. To be frank, it is very damn impressive that it was able to stay in the top twenty films for nearly a half a century.

  36. It doesn't really matter though, you're comparing a 45 year old movie to a movie that came out this year.

  37. I’m literally not saying anything bad about Star Wars though, I’m simply stating that it finally moved off the top 20, because a modern movie managed to beat it. Not saying anything about the quality of either movie or the box office performance, because I agree, the box office performance for Star Wars is easily more impressive then Top Gun 2 in nearly all regards

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