Totally blindsided by a breakup

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  1. I recommend arriving early or on a weekday, the park gets packed on weekends.

  2. I must be defective😭 my mom gave me one recently because now that I’m 29 I need to start being an adult, I used it and still the stain is there. I’m so devastated because this was literally my first time wearing it and I love it so much ugh

  3. Try using an oxy clean spray on the item before washing, in addition to the stainstick.

  4. Ohio is trying to pass similar 👎

  5. I recommend New England if you can afford it, and not every state is as expensive as the Boston area.

  6. I was thinking about this area earlier today, is there an area you recommend?

  7. As someone who's thinking about driving up to Michigan to make a purchase, anything I should know before I do it? Roughly 7 hour round trip to their nearest dispensary

  8. Check Weedmaps for discounts. North Coast in Adrian usually has deals going on their website. Dispensaries now accept cards, which is great if you don't want to worry about cash. Everyone I've dealt with has been friendly and full of suggestions based on needs.

  9. I don't see any reason to vote honestly. I don't recognize any of the names, so I'll just be selecting at random, and since it's just a preliminary, voting doesn't put anyone in office. I'd effectively be filling random bubbles.

  10. Vote to vote against the crazies being on the November ballot. Vote because people have died protecting your right to vote. Vote because one day your right to do so may be gone.

  11. Oh this one looks great! Maybe a dumb question but do you need any special permission from a doctor to access this center?

  12. I'm doing the job of maybe four to five people. And we have this documented. We hired a business consultant to help structure the business and he told me I'm doing the job is six to eight at another firm. He told me this about two weeks ago and I've been boiling with rage ever since

  13. Learning you're being taken advantage of is tough, but it's a lesson that will change you forever. Screw your employer, you gotta take care of #1.

  14. Franklin County Metro Parks is always looking for volunteers

  15. And I just said it shows no your point.

  16. Financial companies pull credit bc someone with a lot of debt could be coerced by a bad actor to give up company info in exchange for debt payments. It's risk mitigation. Just as an FYI.

  17. You don't need to explain why you're leaving, just go and block the bf from your life. This is a perfectly acceptable time to ghost someone.

  18. I just be doing something wrong then because I have a pretty impressive degree and can't get anyone to even interview me for an entry level job

  19. Revise your resume to highlight your accomplishments vs listing responsibilities. Hiring managers want to see metrics not a list of tasks one does. Example: increased team productivity by doing x, which resulted in z

  20. A rug that matches the sofa and chair. You have modern furniture and a traditional rug combo, I would find a modern pattern for the rug.

  21. If you have health insurance, std testing is fully covered thanks to the ACA.

  22. The floor lamp is not doing you any favors with all the other decor clutter, I would find something larger to balance the room out. Agree with everyone else to declutter in general.

  23. That’s exactly it… I feel so scared to date and be vulnerable again because this has happened twice in the last year. :(

  24. The door closed on those relationships for a reason, focus on that new door opening.

  25. It's harder being in a relationship where you aren't valued vs walking away. Future you has the potential to meet someone who shows you they value you, but first you gotta close the door on this loser

  26. Rue's about to be drugged and made a sex slave

  27. Recently got a king size bed and now I have just 10” of space on either side - too narrow for a nightstand . The lamps are temporary, I plan to install wall-mounted lights once I figure out a table or shelf situation. Any suggestions or product recommendations?

  28. Check out Naval and Moscow Midnight from Sherwin Williams, both look great with plum, orange and green accents.

  29. Sometimes I get very bloated and also the bad taste in my mouth makes me feel a little sick in the tummy. I really don't know how to describe it

  30. Might be a food allergy. You could try the food reduction diet that eliminates certain foods and slowly reintroduces them to give an idea of what's affecting your stomach.

  31. The wheat needs to go, replace it with something more colorful and add artwork. I painted my bathroom a similar color and went with pops of magenta and teal fwiw.

  32. Thank you. Perhaps I should just call. I only chatted with them.

  33. Speak with their customer retention team, they usually offer better discounts to retain your business.

  34. Thanks for sharing! Sensitivity is a big issue for me. I can only use Sensodyne.

  35. Consider getting Prevident (it's a prescription toothpaste) if you go with whitening. I have very sensitive teeth and can't use whitener in the cold months bc of increased sensitivity. The toothpaste helps combat the issue.

  36. I considered this. I think it’s $99 to order just HSV1 & HSV2 testing.

  37. Std testing is covered under the Affordable Care Act. If you have insurance, use your rare freebie.

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