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  1. So happy for you, my family and I also finally moved out of our own way crammped hell hole few months ago, this post made me remember how happy I was when I found out about the move, literally smiling. Hope the rest goes well, sending you the best of luck🀞!

  2. We've been trying to get out of this apartment since I came back from Phoenix nearly 3 years ago, we are so ready for this to happen. Honestly if anything goes rirs up it will be because of my grandmother. She likes to pick fights and try to control everyone

  3. sounds like its been a stressful 3 years, you and family deserve this big break, hopefully grandma can see that this is something you all need. Stay positive and maybe some of it will rub of on grandma! Again, good luck!

  4. Hes so pretty! I love the attention to detail and the colours make this whole scene very relaxing and calming, love it, keep it up!

  5. Wow! That's amazing, you totally got her vibe right too, can't wait to pull for her!

  6. Interesting theory. Are you saying that some 4✨ may get 5✨ upgrades depending on where the story goes? A 5✨ Kaeya when we get to Khaenri'ah seems very deserving.

  7. That would be so cool! But how do you think they would go about it, upgrading the characters you already have or maybe a new banner for them like honkai and obtaining new herrscher suits...either way, it would be very cool to see a 5* Lisa maybe at sumeru were she just lets loose and there's lightning everywhere...

  8. This is so cute! Hope he comes home soon ;)

  9. a very nice albedo, congratulations ;)

  10. Imagine how angry the other team must have been lol, congrats on the win!

  11. Thanks! Honestly thought we’d lose after they got Articuno and after I almost died lol

  12. Ahh thats stressful, had a match like this some days ago but it was a tie, same points, it was crazy, we lost though. Still it was cool, mildly annoying, but cool

  13. That looks amazing, love the composition and the perspective, the expression, all of it!, very well done!

  14. They really slapped a Christmas hat on him and called it a throw money at it

  15. It's a bit ridiculous innit, at least one of those gardevoir skins was just holowear tickets and even then there are better skins I would rather spend those tickets on smh

  16. My sylveons had to jungle its fair share, how is mr Mike in jungle though? That must've been interesting

  17. Decently fast clear but Mike is best at holding the lane imo. Like I ganked bot lane and got 2 KOs and we secured the bears but as I started making my way back to the jungle Rowlett fucking died and started stealing the jungle buff near the bottom lane, so I went back to lane to hold it but after stealing 1 buff and evolving they came back to the lane only to dive and die ☠️

  18. Owch sounds awful, good on you for not surrendering with a team like that, I'd be out of patience... your Mike seems pretty great tooπŸ‘

  19. Thats so cute, very impressive too, I wouldn't have enough patience but you did a wonderful job! Hope you get sayu soon ;)!

  20. Beautiful!! I love how soft it is too, amazing job!

  21. It's basically his best wepon, but don't worry about it, hod and festering desire are still fine on him too :)πŸ‘.

  22. That looks amazing, I love how it looks on the canvas, im sure it would liven up any room you put it in, welldone!

  23. I have it in my living room now, I'm super happy with how it ended up looking!

  24. That's awesome, happy as you should be, it's looks so professional, keep it up πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ

  25. Wow, now I'm even more excited to pull for my queen's, welldone, your art is totally amazing, they look so gorgeous!

  26. Thank you so so much this means a lot!! I hope you have an amazing pull in their release!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  27. Thankyou! Hope they bless us both, and come home πŸ’―πŸ€ž

  28. Oh my goodness, he looks so beautiful, thankyou for doing our boy justice. Your art is amazing!

  29. Brass knuckles or gauntlets as you mentioned, I would love to see characters from different regions using different martial arts and hand to hand combat. nunchucks or sectioned chain wipps would be sick too.

  30. You had 10 minutes, and this is what you chose to do? so proud πŸ₯Ί<3I love it!<3

  31. Neat list, I would love Zorua/Zoroark...

  32. It looks so cutee! Dont be too down, with patience and practice your edits will only get better and faster to make, keep it up, excited to see your next one ;) (im bad at naming ahhhh...xingyun?...idk jshsk TT)

  33. Talonflame really is amazing, I personally use muscle band instead of attack Weight, been with Talonflame since day one and still my favourite πŸ’ͺ!

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