1. I think you’re putting too much weight on the “hey how are you” first message on bumble.

  2. The only thing really scary about herpes is that you have it for life. But it’s just a skin condition, and like many people have already said oral herpes is very common. So many people get it from non-sexual experiences so hopefully you realize that there is a large community of people that understand what you’re going through. You can check out

  3. Online dating does that to people. So take a break and over time your view will change. Dating takes effort and of course most people go toward online dating because it's easier and highly use in today society. But they always forget that online dating has a very low success rate. More people find success in offline dating so when you're ready again, you'll see that yourself.

  4. Just curious what advice you have for someone that’s never experienced any offline dating before? How do you do that?

  5. Are you somewhat religious? Join a church community. They have a bunch of groups you can join based on different hobbies/interests. Even some if you just want to hangout with people. You can meet a bunch of people that way.

  6. I don't go to church very often, if I do I don't really see a way it could be a social activity. I go to a Catholic church and it's basically 1 hr of standing, sitting, kneeling, and then everyone quickly files out before the organ has even finished playing 😆 also not a lot of young people that I see there, just mostly families or senior citizens.

  7. How old are you? You can see about getting involved with a student Catholic center/group at a local college/university. Even if you don’t go to the school you could probably hangout/volunteer there. If the age range of the people there fits you may meet someone similar

  8. You didn’t ruin things, he ruined them when he did not respect your time.

  9. Noticing I was bigger than friends in elementary. Having to shop in a “plus” section as a kid, trying on clothes I really wanted to be able to fit as a kid but just leaving the dressing room disappointed. Noticing things about my body that the people around me didn’t have to worry about (darker facial hair).

  10. She wanted to spend quality time and experience it with you and only you. You made the plans for just you two a month ago and at the last minute you switched up.

  11. Yes people can hang out with their friends and then go spend time with their significant other the next day. But that is not how simple the situation is.

  12. The fact that I’m actually considered attractive. After a long high school and college record of unrequited crushes, stepping out in the adult world I have been bombarded with (appropriate) male attention. Equally terrifying and empowering.

  13. I totally relate to this. Not to put my self worth in the validation of men, but I genuinely used to question if it was me being ugly that caused me to not have any dating experiences in hs/college.

  14. Haha Yeah everything makes a lot more sense in hindsight. i look back at pictures from college and the women I was surrounded by and the guys that were into them and just laugh because yeah I’m an attractive person but was definitely not those guys type.

  15. Hypothetically speaking if I had a date lined up for this weekend and he sent me a pic of him and he looks like a 6/10 but I’ve never seen him in person should I at least go through with the date maybe just give it a chance?

  16. I say give it a chance! a lot of guys don’t take the best pics.

  17. Production of the season just wrapped on the 21st…the director of episode 7 just saw a cut of it last weekend. They just need to finish the the show honestly (I worked on the production)

  18. Writers? It’s only Taylor Sheridan writing. And what he wants happens so 🤷🏽‍♀️

  19. I just watch season 7 today and I can’t believe he’s married and has a daughter now 💀

  20. Breathe, I’ve been there. All the things you’re feeling I felt. My first outbreak lasted about three weeks. The first one is typically the worst. But the pain will go away. Just get through each day. And then eventually there’ll come a day where you physically forget you even have herpes. Probably won’t be tomorrow but it will come.

  21. Like I’m glad I got it over with and this person doesn’t mean much in my life so nothing has really changed without them in it. It’s just damn…not looking forward to the next time I have to go through this

  22. To be fair, you aren't usually tested for herpes, so he might not have known. I wasn't ever tested for it until I showed symptoms, even though I was regularly tested for STIs. You'll be fine. There are far worse things to happen than being herpes positive.

  23. Yeah I’m aware of that, I don’t have any hard feelings against him. I was diagnosed a few months ago so I’ve had time to do research and deal with it a bit, was just having a moment last night haha

  24. Watch bj videos, instructional videos, there’s some people that give good tips on YouTube! If you have a dildo or something practice on that. Odds are it’s gonna feel good to them even if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.

  25. Just seems like to me from what you’ve shared and said in some of the comments here is that you’re living a lifestyle that puts value on what can you be doing now to have as much money in the future. It’s making you cut costs in areas that others don’t think to.

  26. Bachelor would DEFINITELY benefit from having more lighthearted/fun moments. I think that’s why BIP and Love Island work so well. It’s a fun/entertaining balance of drama and genuinely getting to see the people on the show and their personalities and relationships with each other, platonic and romantic.

  27. To some extent it’s normal, especially since he’s stating that he doesn’t buy things for people so much. But it’d probably help you decide if this is a dealbreaker for you if you have a conversation with him about this. Not so much emphasis on the money part of it but more on your feelings about how it makes you feel like you have no value to him and see how he responds.

  28. I don’t think you’re overreacting at all.

  29. You’re not thinking about the person you talked to, you’re thinking about the idealized version of him you created in your mind that probably doesn’t exist.

  30. I have PCOS and one of my biggest symptoms is unwanted facial hair, mine is very course and dark (like a beard) so I was very insecure about it for years. If it’s something that’s really bothering you I recommend speaking with a dermatologist and looking into electrolysis (the only permanent method of hair removal). It can be pricey and take a few sessions but if it’s something that would help you feel better/be happy I say do what’s best for you!

  31. If you want it to be after the hang out with your other friends, I’d text him beforehand (or even cheekily during the hangout) and just be like “we should hangout after this if you want” maybe throw in some suggestive emojis if that’s your thing and just see where it goes from there.

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