1. “the crazy little pig” chicken wrap from “Ta Tria Gourounakia” in paphos, but also something from my hometown would be the sheftalies pitta from Efthimis or the kleftiko from Shiftouris

  2. ela tota, en na nomizoun oi kipreoi oti mporoun na poun to n***a me tounto post💀

  3. If you could pick a maxi challenge to do that u didn’t get the chance to do this season, what would it be?💕 love you btw and wish they kept you way longer on the show cause to me you’re definitely a finalist!

  4. istg every greek & cypriot town has a kebab/gyro place called Leoforos, i literally ordered from one today

  5. yeah and? that’s where all these kids post their cringe now so ofc the sub is gonna be filled with it

  6. the SECOND i hear guys with this type of tone in their voice i immediately gag and wanna click the “not interested button”, anyone else?

  7. oh cool i should’ve just died instead with the umbilical cord around my neck yay😃😃

  8. whenever I go to Paphos i have to go this amazing restaurant called “The Three Little Pigs Grill House”, other than that, I hope u enjoy visiting Aphrodite’a rock & the beaches in general❤️ edit: bc i’m not from Paphos i can’t really say much for the transportation unfortunately

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