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  1. Watch out, that dude has a hare trigger!

  2. Yes! Poor king can’t write modern dialogue to save his life. But the stories are almost always amazing so it’s easy to get past

  3. I’m a big fan of the axe throwing bar fad that’s been going on lately. I could do that all day. Fun, cathartic.

  4. Drinks are complimentary, but all have to be served with a straw shaped like a gun barrel

  5. Buster, Pedro, Nerd, Wolfgang, Maestro, Satchmo for my son.

  6. My first child was similar! We were so confident that baby-rearing wasn’t that bad, and that other parents must be exaggerating.

  7. I definitely agree with most of your points, this season had some questionable choices made, but the one I did see something about is 6. he probably left Klaus behind because if more than 7 people came, that person would not be standing on a star and therefore would potentially stop him from draining the others on the stars, or also I've seen it pointed out that there was the possibility of Luther coming back as a ghost Klaus would be able to see and he could then tell him that their dad was the one who killed him

  8. I’d think that Ol Reg would want a few extras on hand in case one of the seven died in the fight though, right? Allison was there but not as a willing backup. It seems incredibly risky and not beneficial to kill Klaus.

  9. Yeah I mean I definitely agree with you it seems like it’d be the smart option to have backups but even from the get go with Reggie getting only exactly 7 super babies to raise as a team each time he seems a little short-sighted on that so I guess even there he figured (incorrectly I’d say) the risks of having Klaus were not worth the help?

  10. I guess! He must have been so worried about Klaus for some reason.

  11. Went to hook up with someone who had thrown up in the corner of their bedroom and covered it with a towel, looked and smelled like it had been there for over a week.

  12. You could secure a baby stroller with a doll in it right at the edge of the curb.

  13. Just get over it and go forward. Guy just wants a writing credit for some reason. Costs ya nothing.

  14. What I can say is. Focus on the work, especially if you enjoy it.

  15. I'm not going to name any of my clients on Reddit. That would be ridiculous. I have worked with big names, but that's all I'm going to say.

  16. You’re gonna tell us that—after your ridiculously longwinded, boring, vague dissertation about writing with multiple grammar and punctuation errors—that you’re a hot shot writer who has worked with “big names”?

  17. I hold a candlelit seance and summon Zuul, destroyer of worlds for initiation.

  18. Your face is melting faster than a clock in a Salvador Dali painting.

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