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  1. Except the Pope isn’t an inherited title, so it’s more like being handed the tools of the Sage of Six Paths.

  2. You get it sewn in when you become a pope

  3. I mean my main point is that Naruto's bad at it's themes in general. What's extremely important in one fight gets contradicted in the next because none of the themes have enough depth to actually carry through the rest of the story.

  4. One of the things i like about Boruto is that it seems to be actually planned out.

  5. Yeah… I tend to forget most of those start off as drawings like super saiyan existing so that Toriyama didn’t have to keep coloring in hair

  6. How different shonen would be if bucket fill tool existed in 80's?

  7. old alien that ate so much chakra fruits that he became god and then died/transcended reality

  8. The one good idea in Danzo's entire career, tbh. Otherwise it's all "hey what if I committed as many warcrimes as possible all at once, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

  9. Haha no trust me bro, we just need a few more cuts, it'll trickle down any minute bro, come on just a few more cuts, just trust me

  10. Yeah, it's all just corporatism, real capitalism has never been tried.

  11. Guy's name was Jake, I remember this because of homestuck

  12. MuH rOaDsS!! Go ride a bike down some trails if you don’t like vehicle pollution?

  13. "You don't like me punching you? Why don't you go away"

  14. signs up for fighting club, rejects getting punched in the face You’re free to leave

  15. Have I signed social contract as well?

  16. You're talking about the guy who forgot that Sakura was supposed to be a character.

  17. Yeah, but they could have at least said that they were buffed with Edo Tensei if they REALLY needed to up the power levels.

  18. Sadly no. I remember back when Dinnerbone was still working on Java, there was a snapshot where minecarts had mad acceleration and would even fly off rails if going too fast through a corner. Unfortunately that was scrapped and has never been talked about ever since.

  19. I remember that. I hoped that they at least said something off-hand.

  20. *scratches you behind your ear*

  21. The Evas are not robots, they are giant, biological, living organisms.

  22. Normal robot couldn't generate AT-field.

  23. I am so pissed. I watched evangelion recently and I had to use a shitty website which was really low quality and then today I found out it was on Netflix.

  24. because i searched "homestuck" on 196

  25. because i wanted to see what homestuck content users of 196 have posted

  26. Why can't I send webp through Discord? Not exactly random ass software last time I checked.

  27. Personally I think its a little more understandable. Australia Day celebrates the beginning of our country, the problem is that it's disrespectful due to the fact that it also marks the beginning of a genocide. We have a lot of things to be proud of about our country but the way it began is not one of them. If we found some other quintessentially Australian date that isn't associated with a massacre and changed it to that, we could still have a nice celebration.

  28. What about independence day?

  29. Also, poor pixar, they really got absorbed.

  30. First season was kinda funny, second also, but it got a bit worse, third was up it's own ass and i couldn't take the forth

  31. It very much comes across as “only humans are capable of love, all other creatures operate on base utilitarian survival instincts” and then these same mfs turn around and say “well actually love is just chemicals, so it doesn’t even matter”

  32. Not even humans really love.

  33. They just want to spread pheromones on you.

  34. I’m Anarcho-Orthodox Christian so you’re barking up the wrong tree with that argument

  35. Sure thing, and I am anarcho-monarchist

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