Bully Ray on how Tony Khan should have handled the scrum: "Once Punk shut Tony down. That’s where Tony had to turn around and go ‘Timeout. Enough. This is where it ends. Next question please.’ You are the billion-dollar owner of the company. If you want to shut them down. You can shut them down.”

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  1. Well you are responding so you must be alive

  2. Nu-uh, I'm like totally dead right now!

  3. Guess the girls are going vampire hunting tonight.

  4. I wanted to see the origin of the Nico nee girl, I've been hooked ever since. What's funny though is that I didn't get hooked till the second season of sip. I finished the first and thought it was good, but the second pulled me completely down into idol hell.

  5. Monster, that's all I can think of. Cause monster deserves it.

  6. Reminds me of that guy who used a doll to „stare“ at his meth tweaking neighbour to drive him insane.

  7. Can I get a link to this story please?

  8. I worked at a motel 6 graveyard shift. I lot of people kill themselves in motels, including the one I worked at. A little after midnight I got a call to the office from one of the rooms. With static in the background I could here an older man who sounded confused/scared saying "Hello? Hello?" The man couldn't hear me and I looked at the room number 301. I checked the computer and the room was vacant, no one was staying in the room. I went and took a key to the room and opened it. No one was there and the room hadn't been occupied or opened at all that day.

  9. Would've freaked me out too, how did you feel right after It happened?

  10. Don't you think her maid is being treated a bit unfairly. I mean rins being sent all these consoles meanwhile the ladies hardly getting paid. Kind of bs if you ask me.

  11. I think you have an idea what they’re doing

  12. I don't know, Rhea might beat him if he loses

  13. This is where Tony had to learn the hard way how to be a boss in this industry. As much as he wants to be friends with his big stars, it’s still his responsibility to put them in line when they are out of it. And whether they love or hate you for it, it’s still your job and you have to do it.

  14. And if punk wanted to be a baby and get up and walk away. Then he should've let him, guy's just so whiney. His contract and the supposed money he draws isn't even worth it if he can't get along with his co-workers and actually be happy that he's a champion for once.

  15. They need to get rid of cm punk. There are plenty of other guys that can become stars, he's old he just needs to stay at home and whine on Twitter. Naturally everyone must see that this run was meh, and I'm sure the aew guys see that too. Just let him go and forget about all the drama, cause if he stays so will all the in fighting.

  16. Hey, beggar's can't be choosers. We take what we can get around here!!

  17. I know it's a joke. But I really think Cobain did himself in, guy had all sorts of depression and issues all his life. He even tried to overdose when he found out she was cheating on him. I don't think she did that to him.

  18. That dude was on heroin. The stuff he was on was way worse than juice. He even lost his kid at one point and she had to go live with other members of the family.

  19. If your just giving it away. I'll take that coppelion and the bleach's. Pm me if your still giving some.

  20. I have the same problem and I saw another post on here with the same reaction so I'll say the same thing to you as I said to him. They come back in stock mid November and if your really wanna carry on, read them online and then collect the volumes you want too if they're in stock. This is what I'm doing ATM I currently have 1,3 and 5.

  21. What site's restock them in November?

  22. Dude those are the same volumes I've got!

  23. Kanan doesn't feel the same as she did in season 1. In season 1 she was flawed and had issues coming out of her shell and actually being a leader. Now it's like she's the old veteran trying to teach the kids how it's done. I know this is unrelated to the question at hand, but does anyone agree with me?

  24. Check out jahy sama. It's a hilarious comedy anime, it might be a little different but it's great.

  25. Keep shining your flashlight at it or some other big bright light. You said not did t seem to like lights.

  26. I doubt I'm going in the woods anymore, forget that.

  27. Komi is not going to make it there.

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