1. Look in your extensions for something called plant don’t allow it to change site settings and remove it

  2. yeah i’m having the same glitch

  3. Also considering the stupidity dispayed here i should probably mention. You never want any type of salute or larger shell close to any other salute or material because the shockwave will either set it all off at once, have some fail to ignite entirely, or send one or more of those into your face and be slightly delayed at the wrong time, killing you or making you want to die. Youd never seperate these by inches, it shoud be at least measured in feet or dozens of feet. I Hope someones life is saved by reading this.

  4. Thank you so much for the information i probably would’ve lit it off if people didn’t warn em, above i commented that i did take it apart and light them off individually with a longer green visco fuse. But i’m genuinely thankful for these comments!

  5. Heck yes! You can make one hell of a show by using a firing system and lots of squib wire to seperate

  6. I’ve seen cobra firing systems but they’re kinda pricy for me, if you could suggest me a cheaper and more beginner friendly firing system.

  7. i can imagine the 50 year old ATF agent just panicking and deleting the account 😭

  8. What happens if he sends you a bunch of money and you don’t send them anything? Could you just keep it, that is if it is the ATF? I wouldn’t consider hosing some random person.

  9. i feel like if the ATF sent me money and i didn’t incriminate myself they’d arrest me for scamming 😭

  10. Yeah it’s been a bug for a while, it’s not actually decaying. I’m surprised they’d rather add skins to the shop than fix their game 💀

  11. I've shot close to a thousand titanium salutes in my 30 year career as a licensed pyrotech. And I tell ya what, I'm not a fan of them. I don't think they add any interest or value to a municipal display, other than to set off car alarms. Alot of people like them, me, not so much.

  12. Well i’m starting to do my own shows for family and friends and i believe they give off a separate sense of power in a way, especially in Finales feeling the shock wave is a different type of feeling

  13. I'm pretty sure my opinion of salutes is not a popular one.

  14. trust me my neighbors have the same opinion 😭

  15. Don't use this fuse it's way too fast. I've made a few with this speed fuse and they're very dangerous. Use only the slow safety fuse. It's not worth it just wait on the right fuse or tape a leader of safety like you said.

  16. Using paper plugs, and a 70/30 composition, i’ve also ordered different fuse(green visco) and i’ll post an update soon

  17. You can also just daisy chain them on a slower fuse to make a strip/roll.

  18. i can try that and i’ll post a video soon

  19. I’ll be posting a video soon

  20. Where did you get your aluminum cause I tried to make some myself and it didn’t work

  21. It’s not aluminum it’s just silver cardboard and i got them from pyrocreations.com

  22. Mine ran out until new years :/

  23. My 🔌 had 4” this year !! Fuckin crazy 💥. He said next year he will get his hands on some of those 3 stage nuclear rockets 🚀. I been wanting those so fuckin bad.

  24. My🔌 got some 7” shells and i’ll definitely show you guys when new years comes around!

  25. hey I stole this first man

  26. Top tier meme , I stopped playing the game months ago because of this sadly

  27. i wish they would release dedicated solo or duo servers, always being countered while taking any monument is really makes me wanna quit

  28. Where i live 24 canisters go for 110 so about 4.50 per shell, but if you want to get the most bang for your buck id suggest asking your store if they would sell by the case and give you a wholesale price

  29. These mods delete all comments cba

  30. You need to read the FAQ and get the badge

  31. And the more comments the better. My first karma wall was only 100-200 karma and I got that just from the auto upvotes I got from my own comments. 200 comments and I was there without a single upvote from someone else.

  32. it’s hard to comment when auto mod requires karma to comment 😭

  33. how am i supposed to get it when auto mod doesn’t let me comment or post?

  34. i haven’t seen it but you should let us know how the quality is

  35. That’s honestly amazing especially with the supply shortage

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