1. Looks like my big toe if it had eyeballs

  2. I was 17 when he was first elected 😭😭😭 all of my friends got to vote except for me lol. It hurt

  3. I started at 26 but I had also used tanning beds for like 10 years prior 🫣 …and I get it for free at work lol. But majority of my friends started getting it around the same time- I think preventative Botox is becoming more normalized.

  4. You get free botox at work? Damn, nice.

  5. I have never had a cyst, but had a miscarriage and now have one on my ovary for about a month now. Did yours go away on its own?

  6. I’m so sorry 😔 No, unfortunately mine was so big I had to have surgery to get it removed. Not fun but it had to be done.

  7. I’m being induced tomorrow evening and was seriously concerned about how I was going to spend my time in labor with the sub being down 😂

  8. I’m being induced tonight! Good luck ♥️

  9. Yay good luck fellow February bumper!!!

  10. This looks like the room you get put in as like a kidnap victim

  11. Funny how the ones that express that they choose not to are getting downvoted. Everyone is allowed a personal choice. Unreal.

  12. Insanity. I’m not hiding the rest of my life. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. 39 weeks pregnant and have not worn a mask my entire pregnancy. Also, have not been sick my entire pregnancy. I do take my vitamins religiously, wash my hands, eat healthy and exercise, and I’ve been on a few plane rides. I’ve also been Covid/ flu vaccinated. I’ve been fine, thankfully.

  14. Chrewly don’t understand why anyone would need a drawer of water bottles when they have a fridge with filtered water.

  15. Because they’re extremely wasteful people

  16. I really hate to speak on a child’s looks but they really have Emmy out here looking like the sickly aunt in the original pet cemetery

  17. If you look at herrliferulez2.0 on Instagram she documented her whole TT journey on her saved stories and answered a ton of questions!

  18. It’s absolutely crazy to me she’s had 3 kids and did absolutely no research on her body or anything Postpartum. I’m about to have my first and have already seen a pelvic floor PT to prepare for child birth and PP. She just gets knocked up and hopes for the best. She only knows she has DR because she reads here.

  19. I hate when people use paper plates at home. I can understand outdoor parties but dinner? My in laws keep bringing over paper plates to our house and it’s so annoying to store. They think it’s easier for us with a baby but it takes up more room and I think it looks tacky.

  20. Super wasteful as well, but what would we expect from them. I run my dishwasher every night because we actually reuse our plates and bowls like adults.

  21. https://giphy.com/gifs/Uxc2DoKwukCaySfWo4

  22. We make fun of it and put it in the chart to refer to when the next nurse asks how crazy you are.

  23. You sound like you’re a part of a great care team. 🥴

  24. It’s hard, ladies; no doubt about it. We’re giving up a lot for the longest ~9 months lol but I have to remember that we get to do the coolest thing in the world for humans! I mean, we create life—a whole new person will come from our amazing bodies. I’m in awe almost everyday. These changes are temporary, our bodies are doing extreme things through this process but once we’re done, we’ll have the chance and have earned to have our body back to be just ourselves again. I can’t wait to go for a run, do hot yoga, and do my regular health routine that motivates my body to bounce back! I typically fast and limit my caloric intake, both of which went out the window when I became pregnant. Not only do I feel my best because of how I look but it also boosts my mood and overall confidence. Our sacrifice will almost be over but in the meantime we should remember we are beautiful women exactly the way we are right now; swollen, tired and all🥰

  25. 36 weeks and could have written this myself. I’ve felt great my whole pregnancy up until a week ago. Now I just feel tired, anxious because I’m too tired to do anything, and my body hurts. I miss my body too. I’ve gained 45 lbs and I’m 5’3” so it’s wearing on me.

  26. Omg she’s had those in for 10 years wtf?

  27. I’m sorry what, has it been 6 weeks already? Girl does not give a fck about her body.

  28. They grow and get darker so baby can find them easier to eat. 😳 crazy!

  29. 35 weeks and just finished ours last weekend too! Lol

  30. Yes my arm was sore for a while after the TDAP. I also had a strange bump at the injection site, and it itched like crazy for a while too!

  31. It’s honestly so sad she’s saying this at a week postpartum. I’m all for getting fit and healthy after having kids. I count my calories, workout regularly, and am in good shape. And I had all three kids in my 20s. But I wasn’t thinking about that at a WEEK postpartum. You should be focused on healing, recovering, getting nutrients to nourish your body after doing a very physical taxing thing. Her body needs rest. She needs to bond with her baby. She needs to prioritize supporting her older two kids through this huge life transition. Not cleaning out the pantry and losing weight. Wtf. HORRIBLE advice for her followers.

  32. She’s completely manic, it’s scary.

  33. Me reading this knowing my mind will not be thinking about weight loss when I’m 2 weeks pp.

  34. Same. Due in 5 weeks and that will be the last thing on my mind. She’s so immature.

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