AITA for not adding a third bathroom to our house?

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  1. So lemme get this straight, y’all converted your garage into a gym, laundry room, and office, presumably also made it a climate controlled space unless it was already a heated garage, renovated two bathrooms and the kitchen, plus some extra work on the yard. That easily could drive you up +$100,000 between the materials for new walls, labor, new fixtures, appliances, and cabinetry. Nevermind, the hourly rate of your architect or interior designer. You did all that before giving your four children an extra bathroom to share? Do you really need to be told that you’re infact the asshole? YTA 🙄

  2. Like the aesthetic and the colors, I think that it could help to join the lines so that the heavier lineweights meet cleanly and clearing up the geometry on the chairs.

  3. The objective is NOT to collect them all. I repeat: do not catch em all.

  4. My freshman year they had a bunch of Pokémon themed posters warning not to catch them all and gave out condoms with squirtles taped onto the wrappers

  5. The victimhood bs is strong with this one. YTA the bride and groom don’t need to be childfree, dislike children or hell be antinatalists to not want children at their wedding, it’s a pretty common request. Your selfish determination to have a confrontation at your SIL’s wedding robbed your husband of the chance to be at his sister’s wedding.

  6. Got mine Sunday, part of me wants to remain hopeful since they’re still processing applications but it just seems so futile

  7. YTA, knew as soon as you put childfree in quotes, you’re a condescending AH who I wouldn’t want at my thanksgiving dinner, good for your sister on not inviting you to hers.

  8. Yeah, I was finally able to get a job in my industry and I’m really enjoying it so far! I don’t care for the commute but I can hopefully resolve that in a few months when I have enough saved

  9. The eyebrows give it so much character, looking very expressive!!

  10. I use Google lens just because of this

  11. Yup have a shortcut on my phone to Google translate to save on time

  12. Yeah if I didn’t have AppleCare I’d be forced to buy a new one too, just fixing one airpod was going to cost $100 nevermind both of them

  13. Season 4 without a doubt my favourite some of my favourite arcs in the series, also the start of Shiggy's arc taking center stage

  14. I know I love that while he and deku had many parallels up until then, here there were each faced with idealized versions of themselves and it was so cool to see how they both grew

  15. This really happened, and I have a bridge to sell you. Anyone interested?

  16. If you have that same view rendered with multiple arrangements of the facade, you can use the timeline tool in photoshop though the it can come out kind of choppy, otherwise you can use 3Ds Max

  17. I like the the colors, the trees and people could be tweaked a little with their angles to look more appropriate to the angles of the perspective and shadows could help! Also the scale figures are really recognizable, though that’s just a personal preference, there are some good sites that have a lot of varied scale figures like nonscandinavia!

  18. Fuck actalent, they post job listings on job boards that are expired then try to get you to settle for lower paying positions, it’s exhausting

  19. I was having trouble finding work in my area so I applied for jobs further out, found one I was qualified for and applied. The hiring manager reached out to confirm my qualifications, my current address, and intent to relocate. I affirmed all was told to move first then reach back out. They hadn’t even interviewed me or given me any commitment to interview me simply asked me to let them know after the costly move. The audacity is astounding of some of these hiring managers. I don’t think are were wrong to apply for jobs far away if the market nearby is tough. I think the hesitance from some companies might be that they wouldn’t want to offer any money for relocation so they just don’t consider the applicant regardless of whether you’ve requested it or not, which can be really frustrating, sorry it’s been so difficult to find a position and that you wasted your time driving into town. The best of luck going forward!!

  20. Services like red bubble will let you upload images to make into a sticker

  21. Literally just did this the other day, they thanked me for letting them know and congratulated me on my new position, didn’t feel like blacklisting to me 🤷🏽‍♂️

  22. Bro saw the devil is a parttimer and assumed that’s just the whole genre

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