1. You have to be kidding! Hundreds of birds are killed every single day by windmills or roasted by rays bouncing off huge solar panels and no one says peep!

  2. At least OP is saying something. And hopefully tries reporting it. What have you done about the birds you’re talking about?

  3. Next time read her order back to her very slowly and explain to her what she ordered like you would for a kid.

  4. Unfortunately all hope is lost for you. I give you two weeks left to live

  5. I really think he was. I don't think it was dyslexia, i cannot express to you how slowly he was moving. However slow you're picturing the scenario, it was slower.

  6. I had the same exact thing happened to me but with a cashier and some change. She recounted veryyyy slowly 97 cents multiple times so confused even though I gave her exact change and was just waiting on my receipt patiently.

  7. Veiled are notorious for being feisty. Full of character but can be feisty. It depends on the individual but they can be prone to biting. The bites are pretty harmless and over time, with trust they should start to realise it's both wasted effort and unnecessary. My veiled got to the point where she loved to come out and roam and the bites were pretty much eliminated.

  8. I was so scared when my veiled chameleon was trying to bite me but when he actually did bite once it barely felt like a pinch.

  9. Remember if you get a break to do some good stretches. I promise this will help more than you think. I normally eat my lunch and stretch before I get back to working and it gives me energy

  10. It’s probably lack of confidence holding you back. Definitely NOT your looks. Try to approach girls first. I highly suggest try making friends with a girl. Let a girl get to know you without making any moves on her.

  11. This reminds me of a girl who used to work expo at my restaurant. My restaurant technically charges for something like a side (2oz portion cup) of shredded cheddar to go with something like a baked potato. And she would never let you give a customer a break. She would not give you ANYTHING unless it was on a ticket that you rang in. Holy shit it was annoying. And holy shit if you ran food and missed day a side of corn or something. She’d do a whole investigation to make sure that you’re right and they were actually down a side of corn. (Because god forbid she made a mistake). On top of that she was an asshole. Thank god she’s gone. Nobody else we have now that on expo is like that. If you ask for something they’ll give it to you. So much easier

  12. I have a manager like that. When she’s on the line and you ask her for something she gets mad even though it’s always 90% her fuck up

  13. if anyone is going to leave a gel pen for the customer to sign with, i’d imagine it would be a girl with pink hair

  14. Maybe they're a newish server. I had a new girl who brought a pack of colorful gel pens and was upset her collection was mostly gone by the end of the night.

  15. I get packs of colorful gel pens too but I haven’t lost a single one in two years. I keep two on me at one time and no matter what never let anyone borrow one. It also helps though that we have cashiers at my restaurant so I don’t handle the money transactions.

  16. I’m worried for that chameleon too lol. Imagine you were put in a empty mansion but you’re only allowed to stay and live in one room. That’s what it’s like for him. All that space needs to be filled in with sticks and plants. Make it looks like a mini jungle

  17. Can confirm bikes are cheap here right now, some as low as $20.

  18. I mean, would you be thrilled if tens of thousands of people showed up to YOUR desert to do highly illegal drugs?

  19. Imagine going to sleep in your house and waking up in a mansion lmfao

  20. That’s what I was saying too lol he’s been exploring his new cage all day. At one point I walked to see what he was doing and accidentally startled him. He took a tumble down to the bottom I guess he thought there was a branch there but there wasn’t. I had a good laugh and he’s totally fine though.

  21. That’s when you summon your inner Karen and ask for the manager

  22. But don’t be a bitch. You can ask for a manager without going full Karen.

  23. i think we need a customer to give their 2 cents on this. do we have any customers in the audience ?

  24. When I’m a customer I don’t care and when I’m the server I simply ask.

  25. Definitely not the servers job to ask this. You picked 2 sides. Once again, sides.

  26. It’s not that damn hard for me as a server to simply say “ do you want the salad first?”

  27. Please do that. If this happened to me I 100% would do the same. Do it ! Do it! Do it!

  28. Putin forgot the #1 rule of having a show army: Don’t get in a war.

  29. But he thought if he displayed his power on such a tiny nation he’d win in like a few weeks for sure. He never predicted how hard Ukraine would fight for their country.

  30. Why would you post this when you know you’re depressed and this could make you feel so much worse. Focus on getting mentally healthy first. Nothing else matters.

  31. At my work when best friends get scheduled together then nothing get done

  32. Yes also when I’m at work and it’s slow the second I try to eat it gets busy. Every time.

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