1. Tita spotted!!! Haha hmmm, I believe same age tayo, and I, thank you 😂

  2. I made our prof walk out on my very first recit in law school 😫 I’m not proud of it, just saying that it’s only normal. I passed the subject that time too.

  3. Are you studying law or just only political law? Sad to say you are just focusing only on this branch.

  4. It's been in my list so long, there are multiple seasons right? Are they all similar?

  5. She Would Never Know😫😫 oh to go back in time and watch this drama for the first time again

  6. Forgive my old age, just wanted to say. My network provider is globe. It’s actually a UST sim I got in 2013 I think? I was in college during the time. Now, I’m in FCL, working fine until pre-pandemic. Not really sure now though. Okay naman yung globe sakin before.

  7. I think po kasi in some parts of the campus okay naman po ung signal ng globe for data (parts na na-explore ko na hehe). Pero if mas mabilis na po now ung smart all over the campus, while walking around, I think mag switch to smart po ako for data.

  8. Yay, sure! Use what works best according to most 🫶🏻 See you around 🐯

  9. It won a Baeksang so it's not critically underrated, but Hot Stove League really doesn't get recced enough considering how great it is.

  10. This is a CDrama but in Go Go Squid, the ML's stepmother is extremely kind and loving. One of the subplots is about him opening up more and letting her get closer to him.

  11. Go Go Squid is cute. ML’s extremely handsome 😭😭😭 both his character and his face omg I wanna cry 🤍

  12. Okay lang mapahiya, hindi lang ikaw ang mapapahiya sa klase. Tanggapin mo, at move on agad. Bye.

  13. PNR FTW!! I do this too! I work in Makati tapos I go to UST after, super convenient. Just be mindful of the schedule ng train, and you’re good 🫶🏻

  14. Splash slash love was so cute, I wish there was a sequel

  15. You are saving more than half of what you’re earning every month. To be honest, I don’t get why you feel so guilty about not saving much. 😬 Okay, sorry bye.

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