1. I love this! I seen your other post on the 3d print subreddit. Very cool. And very reasonable considering the assembly.

  2. Where's this from and what tool did you use? I need to do this

  3. Its a Barton strap from amazon. I just used a normal pusher tool to take the old bracelet off.

  4. I thought it would. I was looking for something with a bit more red but my options with a 22mm lug width was pretty limited.

  5. So everyone is aware, I'm cutting off orders here. I am working diligently to get to everyone. Redding is an odd place where I am getting chat in one place and messages in another so if I have not responded to you, please send me another message. Also don't feel bad for bothering me if you want an update on my progress. All I ask is that you be a little patient. This was much much larger than expected. I am going to pick up some requested colors today and I am buying another printer to help make sure you guys get these sooner.

  6. This is a really cool concept you have created. Can you make one that holds 6 watches, or maybe a 4 watch one? I would get a few of these from you. I will have to see which watches I want to display this way, I have a large collection. I will definitely be ordering a citizen brand holder for my eco drives that way they can always be charged. It may be 6 months before I wear one on rotation. I wish you great success with this project it is very affordable and really unique.

  7. I can do 4 or 6 watches. Either way. Price goes up abit but not bad. Just shoot me a pm.

  8. Marble from inland is one of my favorites.

  9. I just acquired mine yesterday. Loved the look of them for years and finally got one. Yours looks the same as the one I just unboxed.

  10. I worked installing solar panels, as a greenskeeper, and as an engineer in a custom machine shop wearing this watch. It has dealt with molten hot metal, mud and water, and desk duty. It’s a great watch.

  11. Cool. You probably belong to a very elite club.

  12. Jelly of the month club is pretty special. Invite only. 😁

  13. Received the watch. Very happy with the transaction.

  14. One question…..where did you the display stand?

  15. I made it. I designed it in cad software and printed it on a 3d printer.

  16. That’s awesome. You should consider making some lol…..I’ll buy one

  17. I have a couple different designs I’m working on actually.

  18. That’s so thin lol doesn’t that just fly off the wall once you pull a coat off?

  19. Extra strength double sided sticky tape on the two sides touching the armoire.

  20. Cool. That means the layer lines are in the stronger direction for this print.

  21. Yup. That was the intent. A little redesign and I could probable do this without supports. But it’s good enough.

  22. Im most likely doing something wrong but idk why people print vase mode. It’s so thin and fragile. Sure it looks cool but .. yeah

  23. I thought the same thing. Then I got a .6mm nozzle. That made a huge difference.

  24. Also what is the size you printed is that like 12in?


  26. I printed the same one, but I modified the board. I also added weight to the bottoms, sealed and felted them. Definitely took me a couple weeks for the entire print/build.

  27. Yeah. I had three printers going for this. It still took a several days.

  28. Porsche = Hublot. Overpriced, overhyped, and built for douche bags.

  29. Wow. That's....a while. We're there any settings you could change to speed it up?

  30. I could probably change a few settings. I have it set to iron the top layer so that is going to be a pretty significant amount of time. I have to sonic pad and having set up klipper completely but it would also help. I’m pretty patient though and don’t risk quality over speed.

  31. I assume all TikTok, Facebook posts, and Reddit posts of thing that are implausible are fake. People Leo showing me things saying ‘LOOK AT THIS!!!!” And I roll my eyes. Not sure if I’m jaded or what.

  32. I just got one but not necessarily to run Klipper. I want to be able to control all three of my printers from the same console.

  33. I was trying to think of what to put in it that would show it off well. Colorful Lamys for the win.

  34. You must have printed that real slow. I can't get clarity like that at normal print speeds.

  35. I think the larger nozzle has a lot to do with it personally.

  36. Why do you use a .6mm nozzle and not .4mm. Just because it’s faster. How is the quality when you compare both?

  37. It’s faster. I only have to do two walls instead of three. Quality is as good as a .4mm at .2mm layer height. But is 11 hours instead of 15.

  38. I’m too fat and old for that. I may have been able to in my younger years.

  39. So does my daughter. I had trouble finding a ‘good’ sun so I went this route.

  40. This filament is a Gradient. On another printer I will pause the print and do a filament swap.

  41. It’s as simple as that? You just pause the print where you want the color change? You’d really have to watch it. Looks good 👍🏻

  42. You should be able to add a pause command in either prusaslicer or cura. I’ve done it in both. What printer are you using?

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