Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  1. With how inexpensive gaming PCs became, and with vent/discord, it's much more convenient to stay home and game.

  2. And no one gives a shit. Guy can't take it anymore due to bills, shitty job, bad wife, homelessness, whatever. Commits suicide and no one bats and eye. Fucking tragic.

  3. Couldn't agree more. The older I get the "it gets better" thing is just...well. it gets better tor a few moments.

  4. Moderate candidate with no major scandals (yet) with rust belt working class roots. Seems like a shoe-in for a run attempt. The Democratic establishment will probably be pressuring her to run.

  5. Except her connections to Delaware north and her husband. She's going to personally profit off of the stadium deal. It's a big rabbit hole

  6. If you're able bodied n still able to work then yeah, it is. All I can say is let that shit fuel you.

  7. I’m really sorry that that’s what you deal with every day. It’s terrible and horribly unfair. 😔

  8. It's not that I don't care. I just don't really know how to help. If you know of activism, or legal ways people like me can help, I'm happy to.

  9. Oral exams for the win. I've even found that they work on technical subjects.

  10. The places I’m looking at are right next to the canal on the west side, so right near the trails.

  11. Basically north of high street can be dicey. theres A literal hill that’s kind of a dividing line. Once you go down the hill, you find some weirdness. Washburn is a famously not great street. And for some reason the area around sub delicious is questionable.It gets even dicier once you go north of the canal. best areas are the town, or close to where the town starts. Or heading towards upper mountain or slayton settlement is nice.

  12. Ah yes Buffaloed, a movie based on 90s stereotypes of Buffalo.

  13. 🤷🏻‍♀️ it is but honestly I can watch Buffalo 66 to this day and think of people just like the parents in that movie with the same looking house 🤣 things don't change much

  14. The ACLU has been captured by Marxist set on toppling America. They are complicit in AH’s defamation.

  15. Toppling America seems extreme. Grifting seems more realistic. They trick people for donations for their stupid hamptons mansions

  16. Tell me this doesn't look like Sharia Law that they keep going on about.

  17. Yep. Even moreso during the tumult of the 2020 election season and lockdown protests - we had enough local violence that I had a lingering concern of getting shot or assaulted for enforcing the campus mask mandate.

  18. fun fact of the day, future prison beds are calculated from drop out rates before high school. You’re welcome

  19. Whenever I think it can’t get anymore off the wall, it does. Op holy smokes, I’m so sorry. It’d be so hard for me to refrain from saying something real snarky. Like if you’re serious over a grade in my class, maybe…(please know I’m not serious but that would be a thought that crosses my mind. I’d never actually say that).

  20. The Niagara frontier : embracing sketches of its early history, and Indian, French and English local names

  21. So cool thank you! I love stuff like this! I’ve gone done many a rabbit hole like this so please keep them coming ☺️

  22. Elon Musk sounds like a real scumbag. I didn't even know who this Cara chick was until this morning. And from what I can gather she is a rich kid who likes to hang out with rich and famous people for clout.

  23. Yes he is. His oldest son just disowned him and officially took his mother's last name. Xavier Musk is now Vivian Wilson

  24. ...except when it came to Tops. Didn't go inside and arrested the guy with kid gloves. And here we are wasting tax dollars on a mass shooter who ruined so many lives.

  25. Huh. Have you not done any research? They responded within 2 minutes and prevented a lot more murders. Obviously you only have this kind of opinion bc you hate police, those heroes prevented so many more murders.

  26. Uh what? They didn't go inside and they arrested this kid without even so much as knocking his head on the cop car. I don't hate police. I grew up with police. They should've roughed him up

  27. The max salaries offered from the two SUNY schools that I talked to were $46,000 and $54,000. This is in a tech field.

  28. Holy shit. I. in SUNY and can confirm. and now they won’t stop pushing microcredentials. 🙄

  29. This doesn’t help the conversation, but Microcredentials is going to be the name of my all academic They Might be Giants cover band

  30. I don’t agree with him in everything but I’m much more afraid of whoever takes his position. It’s depressing that party loyalty overrides common sense.

  31. He voted to overthrow the election. He had one clear thought on guns. That doesn't absolve him

  32. Yeah that’s shitty. Iirc Trump supported him in his last campaign so m guessing that was an I owe you sort of situation to keep his position. Also the way people went after Romney and Cheney and Pence, there’s probably a fear factor at play too.

  33. Ignored, laughed at, shamed, surprised, rebuked, misunderstood… pretty much any reaction you can think of except for caring support.

  34. I’m a feminine presenting woman that lives life similarly to a stereotypical man in terms of jobs and interests and activities. I also grew up in a family that treats me like how you’re describing, and societally I feel what you’re saying hard.

  35. I'm about 30 years into a teaching-focused career and I like my job more often than not.

  36. Reading 990s is the absolute Best advice in this thread

  37. They're the tax forms for not for profit institutions that show a breakdown of revenue versus expenses, plus assets

  38. Alternate take: the idea that education exists to prepare people for the workforce itself stems from capitalism. Fight this idea, fight capitalism; don't fall into the trap that being too lenient is bad because it doesn't prepare people for the workforce.

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