1. Then what piece of furniture would you squeeze mustard out of for your brats?

  2. I carry lol. On an unrelated note, most of the people you'd be scared enough to shoot at also carry. So, that doesn't seem to be an issue.

  3. You might be thinking of saber-rattling

  4. Johnny Davis was such a easy pre draft bust choice lmao I swear in draft rooms these GMs just say fuck it and pick based off mocks

  5. You can't ever really tell too much in such early games but he hasn't had any kind of flow. It mostly looks like nerves and rushing his game. Hopefully he'll gain some confidence through preaeason

  6. I'm gonna be sleep but hopefully Rui balls out again

  7. Ok but I think you're overlooking the real point of this debate. The first part is the main importance whereas the second is to try and elicit a sense of defeat. So that is only to contrast the message that all Russians are now in immediate danger. And even though that kind of message has been alluded to the audience, now it is becoming poignantly clear that Russia is losing this war. They are attempting to ramp up a panic in order to rationalize using more destructive weapons. The punks.

  8. Damn bro - you came with the RECEIPTS

  9. It's a little late for the flares now, Ivan!

  10. when did you murder a Big Mac last time or chicken nuggets?

  11. I brought my batman mask in case we need more intimidation factor!

  12. Like being stupid enough not to realize this kid is playing a prank on his teacher kind of stupid?

  13. Shut the fuck up fat man, this ain’t none of your god damn business!

  14. Just watched it, Smile is a predictable horror movie 2.5. liked the advertising though

  15. Ooh boy. I knew we didn't pay this redditor enough to shill our new movie. Alright boys, pack it up. Let's just head over to old reliable.... Facebook.

  16. Believe me, there are people at the UN who do. And if they can get jurisdiction over these fuckers there will be a courtroom at the ICC ready for them. More likely, a criminal tribunal just for Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

  17. I forsee a huge disagreement and verbal lashing from the UN

  18. A Jose Conseco bat? Tell me... you didn't pay me for this.

  19. What a complete shithole of a country. Even Iraq supplied their fighters better than ruSSia.

  20. So selfish. People who talk like this will assure only half of Putin's toilet seats will be gold-plated in his many many bathrooms. Makes me sick.

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