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  1. The situation would be; you see someone that you haven’t seen in a while and you are forced to be civil. But you have a loathing for this person that is beyond words. Like an “I hope every time they pass a coffee table they stub their toe” level of loathing. What would you say back if they said “good to see you” after you shook their hand?

  2. I have not gotten either yet! Other expenses came up and the bed frame got pushed back. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  3. What made you choose Tatami over Thuma? I have been looking at Thuma for a while and there are a ton of recommendations here for them. Just curious what pushed you to Tatami. It looks like the system of interlocking wood is pretty much the same. And did you get a headboard? I am starting to doubt I need one, but that could be the cheapness in me speaking.

  4. Anyone know what’s up with the random ass grain elevator in the background? I’d love to know what scene they were filming.

  5. This is from “Muppets from Space”. One of the best muppet movies imo. That industrial plant is a setting of a government lab in the movie. Watch this movie if you get a chance.

  6. I've seen it! But not in ages. Gonna have to go back and watch again now.

  7. And you probably have the tools they need conveniently in your garage! Although if someone didn’t know what they were doing, they could go at a TL 15 or 30 minute safe for an hour and not get through.

  8. I don’t know if you live in a hot area but you can leave that car out in the sun and crank the heat all the way up. Ed talks about doing this fairly often when he sold Lotus’s as the ants would evacuate when it got too hot for them. Takes a couple hours according to Ed. Here is the

  9. I'm 6'2" 220 and a side sleeper. I Used the wide rectangular Tensor for a year and liked it pretty well but kept getting slow leaks from tiny Arizona thorn punctures. I tried a buddy's Sea to Summit Ether Light XT on a the night trip and slept on it even more comfortably than the Nemo. Bought a large one of my own as soon as I got home. The air-sprung cells really do make it sleep more like my mattress at home and at 4" thick my hip never bottoms out on it. With a slightly higher edge than center I also never roll off. Haven't got any punctures either because the S2S is made of a tougher material.

  10. Awesome. I will look into the S2S for sure. 4” thick sounds like a great sleep experience! Does the low R value make a difference to you? Have you used this down into the 20s?

  11. I've used it on sections of the Arizona Trail with a 29* EE quilt. I think it only got down to 28 at the coldest but I slept well. They make an Extreme version that has an R value of 6 for four season.

  12. A cue that really helped me came from Dave Tate: Spread your toes, Grab the floor with your toes, and twist before you start the downward motion. Also helps to imagine Dave behind you yelling “Show me your balls!” Another cue from Brian Alsruhe: Knees out to initiate descent as opposed to sitting down. These really helped me.

  13. For weightlifting, this is the YouTube holy trinity. Best information about programming and compound lifts for sure.

  14. These are sweet. Which one do you like shooting better? I am hoping to get a Benelli auto at some point when my finances allow!

  15. This looks really fun and kind of miserable. I want to try winter backpacking but I know I need some serious cold gear. I do lots of 3 season backpacking but the winter seems hard! Any tips for backpacking when it’s that cold? Do you have an essential piece of cold weather gear?

  16. What’s the thing next to the pinecone in the last photo. I understand the banana and hand comparison but what is that thing

  17. It’s a baby’s foot in a sock. I was going to put the pinecone next to the baby but it wasn’t working that well so I just got a ruler.

  18. Bananas vary GREATLY in size, so for scale you should use a dollar or something that is typically the same size. I can’t tell how big it is.

  19. What if you leave your dollars in some pants and they get shrunk in the laundry?

  20. I feel like you are starting a word but not finishing it. Are you trying to say spaghetti?

  21. Especially because the metal gets so cold too. I don’t like to lift with gloves but sometimes you physically CANNOT grasp the damn bar because you will freezer burn your hands. We tried using a heater but it didn’t really help much.

  22. A tip I heard for garage gyms is to keep the bar inside. That way you at least have a warm bar when you get out to the cold garage. It makes a big difference.

  23. If you don't want to expensively heat the garage, this is the way to go. When I had my weights set up in the garage, I kept my bars at the base of the stairs by the garage entry. Takes almost no time at all to bring them in. But, when you are moving that 7 feet of steel, watch out for car windows. Don't ask me how I know.

  24. Ouch. That is an expensive mistake. I bet you are very aware of where that bar is swinging now!

  25. I agree with most of the comments here that this thing is fugly. However, I am really digging the green interior. Just the absolute sea of green is out of control. I would love to have an interior like that in a better looking car. Only disappointing thing is the steering wheel being black and not green!

  26. I dont think this is an actual McRae car, it is missing the roof air vent, among other things. Possibly just a tribute.

  27. I usually dig safari Porsches, especially the 959, but I don’t know how I feel about this one.

  28. I definitely like the look of other Safaris better. If this one were white and had a roof rack with a spare tire and some recovery tools, it would look a lot better IMO. Although I do dig this one.

  29. Here's an unsolicited tip. Ditch the Sawyer mini and get a Sawyer squeeze and pair it with a smartwater bottle. I'd you ever have to use the mini you'll find it'll take for fucking EVER to filter your water.

  30. I use water filters frequently during backpacking trips and the best one I have used is the Katadyn BeFree. It is hands down the fastest, easiest to use water filter you can get today. I have a Sawyer squeeze that became basically clogged after only 6 days of use of clear, mountain streams even with the recommended back flushing). I know others who have the same problems with the Sawyer. The Katadyn is like a dream to use after all the other filters. And they are pretty cheap as well.

  31. Just ordered one. Thanks for posting this, I wanted to get an OD Green one but didn’t want to get the completed lowers.

  32. This picture alone represents more money than the GDP’s of like 1/2 the worlds countries. I did not do the math but I think that’s a good guess.

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