1. just 2 days before i watched a video on a cricket analysis channel where someone asked shoaib malik about sania mirza's 3 tennis academies in dubai and asked for academies location and he didn't know where they were and looked little bit clueless..after watching it i definitely felt that there are some problems in their marriage

  2. PIH...yes to an extent but need to be patient as it takes time. Uneven skintone...not so much!

  3. so should i use vit c serum for uneven skintone??

  4. pigmentation after mole removal

  5. Yeh konsa logic hai? Aapko lagta hai minister banne paisa lagta hai, UPSC banne nahi? Lakho rupees lagte hai fees mein.

  6. bhai ye tu bade bade logo ke baat kar raha hai..ye politicians businessmen sirf 1-2% hai jinki officers ke saamne chalti hai...baki har successful businessmen ki nhi chalti(only 1-2%)....aur agr kisiko lagta hai ki sirf politicians ka kaam officers ko karna padta hai toh aaisa nhi hai..you scratch my back i will scratch your back aaisa hota hai...Minister ka kuch kaam hoga toh uske badle mai Minister bhi baad mai uss officer ka kaam karta hai...

  7. C#utiye UPSC dete hai, hoshiyar Politician bante hai. UPSC deke inke piche yes sir, sorry sir, plz transfer mat karo hi karna hai na?

  8. aur hamare jaise common log unhi officers ke piche aapna kuch kaam karvana hoga toh bhaagte hai

  9. Also, isn't it demeaning that a sikh was used for this purpose? Why sikh? Historically we've seen how sardaars have been made fun of to have a low IQ

  10. ya that's what they do in most bolly movies...but i think in this one its probably in relation to anti sikh riots...i heard it's imp part of this movie

  11. Woh character Sikh hai isliye woh dialogue bola. Now imagine his character Muslim. Can he say the same dialogue word to word. Would like to have a real film example.

  12. i think movie mai iske piche alag reason hai...he is sikh in the film.... but after indira gandhis death joh sikh logo ke khilaf riots hue thhe usse usko bachane ke liye uski maa usse bolte hai ki bahar mat ja bahar malaria hai...so uss context mai ye vala dialogue hai

  13. i think movie mai iske piche alag reason hai...he is sikh in the film but anti sikh dange(after indira gandhis death) ke time uski maa usse bolte hai ki bahar mat ja baher malaria hai...so uss context mai ye vala dialogue hai

  14. Hey , for dandruff you should use scalpe plus shampoo , twice a week for a month and then once a week for another month or till all the flakiness goes completely (whichever is longer ) and only for the maintenance you are supposed to use it once in ten days . If you use sparing when you have active flakes , then the fungus will develop resistance to the ketoconazole and your dandruff will stop responding to it .

  15. ok Thank you for the information👍..i will definitely follow it...i was worried that if i use it frequently then it will damage my hair so i was avoiding it...but any suggestions regarding oil or hair serum which i can use after shampooing my hair which will not cause dandruff??

  16. Have you tried any conditioner ? I don't know any fungal safe hair serums or oils.

  17. i have Re'equil Murumuru...mostly i will try it

  18. true👍...but mostly its also an punishment for devendra for his failures in last 2.5 years...not formed govt despite majority(bjp+shivsena)..ajit pawar fiasco was embarrassing for bjp n portrayed them as power hungry..,not able to topple MVA govt in last 2.5 year...devendra n his 2nd in command are definitely upset over this...but anyways he will still be their CM candidate in next elections...

  19. Punishment for pulling that Ajit Pawar stuff when told not to

  20. true n lots of other failures...not able to topple MVA govt in 2.5 years...lost seats in last elections...couldn't form the govt despite majority(bjp+shivsena,both parties at fault)..whole fiasco with ajit pawar was an embarrassment to bjp in maharashtra..but they have no other candidate than him from bjp for next term...he also skipped some bjp function today n chandrakant patil(2nd in command) was also not seen since yesterday...

  21. Actually Chuddav wanted penguine to become the CM, if you had followed the elections closely, that is what him and his party wanted, BJP didn’t let that happen so Shit Sena broke the alliance and later Chuddav became the CM.

  22. That's no true🤣🤣...yes they wanted someone from shivsena to become CM for two n half years..probably eknath shinde(ridiculous demand)...but it was definitely not for his son...if that was the case his son would have become very important Minister in MVA...

  23. brother do you know who pratap sarnaik is🤣??his main work is to praise thakreys for his own political gain...he will say anything for his own career n will join anyone for his political gain...most of the members of every party does that...if uddhav really wanted A.thakrey to become CM after this election then A.thakrey would have become CM/dy.cm in MVA but he was not even incharge of important ministry...so i definitely know that's not the case... but i expect them to officially announce A.Thackrey as a candidate for CM in next election

  24. i am male( 26) i live in pune where temp at the moment is between 30-35 c i had lot of dandruff n hairfall during winter...i used cipla 8x shampoo and my dandruff stopped within 30-45 days ,i don't know if it was because of shampoo or because of change in weather.. my hair were always littlebit on thinner side but due to recent hairfall i can see my scalp(my hairline is fine) can anyone suggest me a shampoo (i am still using cipla 8x)or any oil...i heard that mixing castor oil with coconut oil helps people with thin hair should i use it??or any other shampoo??

  25. hii i am male 26...are there any good tan removal face wash or face packs??...i have combination skin type.. i use Cetaphil facewash two times a day and on some days i use joy(ph 5.5)facewash and then apply nivea soft light moisturizer and then Neutrogena sunscreen...n use ENN Illuminous face pack(once in two weeks) but i can clearly see tan on my forehead so i need a tan removal face pack or face wash(price around 700rs)...

  26. What's your current skincare routine? That'll be helpful in getting better recommendations.

  27. i use Cetaphil facewash two times a day and on some days i use joy(ph 5.5)facewash and then apply nivea soft light moisturizer and then Neutrogena sunscreen...n use ENN Illuminous face pack(once in two weeks)

  28. Anyone has good experience with cipla 8x??i have dandruff..should i use it??

  29. Cipla 8x review??? i use LOreal Paris Total Repair 5 shampoo and after 2 days i see flakes and little bit of dandruff and hairfall(10-15 everyday)...this has been happening to me in last 5-6months...i already have thin hair since i was child...first i thought it was because of dry scalp but oiling my hair/hasn't helped a lot.. I read about cipla 8x on reddit and it has some good reviews on reddit and other sites..should i use cipla 8x??and recently(1-2weeks) i started using Re' EQUIL Murumuru Damage Repair Conditioner..will it go well with cipla 8x??

  30. is there any way which we can differentiate between dandruff due to dry skin or normal dandruff...are they same or different...i wash my hair twice in a week with loreal paris total repair 5...i don't oil my everyday but mostly 2-3 times in a week before going to bed... 2 to 3 days after washing my hair i see a lot flakes coming out of my hair and lot of hairfall(15-20hairs).. after i wash it with shampoo it feels okay for 1-2 days...is this normal??can you suggest some shampoos or oil??

  31. hello my 1st time posting here...i have thin(naturally) and dry hair...i use LOreal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo and conditioner...my hair feels dry and thin n i also have moderate hairfall n dandruff..i wash my hair with shampoo 2 times in a week with shampoo and on other days i dont use any products while washing my hair and i am thinking about switching to wella shampoo n hair mask or stbotanica hair mask..i have read good reviews about both the products should i go for it or use the product which I use now(loreal total repair 5) or are there any other good alternatives(shampoo/oil/hair serum)...my budget is around 1000-1500rs...i am male/26

  32. Hey there ! When it comes to skincare and haircare YMMV . I've tried wella shampoo , ogx , schwarzkopf , herbal essences and honestly , I still keep going back to loreal total repair 5 😆 sulphate free shampoos have never worked out for me. Hair masks :- I really like the plum olive and macadamia mask. It makes my hair really smooth and manageable. I realised that rather than spending a lot on shampoo it's better to invest in a good hair mask and conditioner. Reequil murmuru conditioner is raved about in this sub. If I compare the reequil and loreal conditioner , I can say that reequil does a better job , it tames my frizz and also doesn't weigh down my curls like loreal does.

  33. In chemistry there was a gas (I forgot the name) which described as tasteless, colourless , oderless. Bhumi's persona reminds me that

  34. are they available right now???in mobile??or next week??

  35. My suggestion would be either go for a player who would

  36. yess probably i will redeem torres...atleast at the moment he is my 1st choice

  37. Just asking, do you try other formations or you sticked with this since the start of the season.

  38. i used p.bosz(4-3-3) at first...i liked his formation because it had option to convert cent.mid into attacking mid...but after sometime i got bored...because in his formation most of the attacking mid i used were useless so i changed my manager to P.zeidler..

  39. i dont think there is any way to do it but still is there any way where we can exchange our players😬😅...i have 2 mount and 3 havertz and i really want werner in my team

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