1. Wana get fucked up make me take some dick

  2. Not a bad one 😂 but somewhat out of no where

  3. Classic Song & Video —- along with your Vids wowza … Im smitten

  4. You ever come out the beautiful San Fernando valley ?

  5. Oh, cause you said you don’t know what that is..

  6. Maybe I don’t know what he is talking about or maybe just maybe I’m pretending not to know. Being the smart one. Who knows

  7. Yes please break that bubble off throw it the fuck out and take the broken part of the pipe and stick it in the straw, then heat up the other side, then put the straw to your nose and hot rail way

  8. Looks like you cut it on a saw or something… I use my Handels for works 😉

  9. That was some funny shit girl. Did he laugh when you showed him that shit?

  10. Haha what if your pussy worth 2 gs?? Just asking

  11. I'm sure I have others that would agree with me some might even say it's worth more...this little pussy got some power

  12. Lmao 🤣🤣 idk why I said jehova witnesd

  13. Bottom or top of what?? Tf you talking about?

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