1. hey y’all! i know for hi touch you’d have to put down your name to register and i was wondering if it was possible for people to resell hi touch?

  2. Any have an estimate of how long before the concert I should get in line in order to get a decent spot in GA?

  3. I did a bit of napkin math for the most recent concert's line

  4. This is partly unrelated to idols per se but I study in South Korea and we obviously have a large number of Taiwanese and Chinese students in our classes. Since my major is international relations, naturally this topic comes up one way or the other all the time. And the bottom line is that most mainland students stay quiet about it, they just don't get involved in the conversations at all because they know that if they say something and the CCP somehow catches wind of it (and yes, they actually do infiltrate universities), their career chances in China are severely hindered. However, if you get close enough with them, you find out that many of them consider Taiwan a separate country and some even have said not-so-positive things about the Chinese governments while drunk. The Taiwanese students always introduce themselves as being "from Taiwan" and we always refer to the PRC and Taiwan as two seperare countries and nobody has ever said anything. I did have a girl from Hong Kong in class who said that her and her friends all supported the protests back in 2019, but now all her friends work for the government (not the CCP but obviously the HK government isn't exactly anti-CCP either) and she will probably, too, because it's the easiest and it's hard to get a job outside of HK or China and I honestly think that sums it up pretty well.

  5. Just from a US university perspective when I was in school around 2019, there was obvious tension between some of the mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kongers.

  6. Does anyone know what time doors open at the reading concert? Or what time I should be there cause I also want to buy merch. And if I bought a specific seat I shouldn’t be waiting in line right? Sorry this is my first concert!

  7. Anybody know how the Meet and Greet money is distributed? Loona has been my top GG since their debut, but I'm also kind of a "don't meet your fave celebs" type. However, if the money was going mostly to the members, I feel like 150 to high five the members and to get a group pic is a steal. Does anybody know? Because I tend to leave concerts early due to usually drinking during shows.

  8. Nobody will know unless the members decide to discuss later

  9. Just say it. It's crude, it's disrespectful, it's something sexual harassers do when they're catcalling women. It was likely started by a creep who has been doing it since kcon la to get attention, even doing it in Korea to the point that hanbits were annoyed by it.

  10. None of you have heard a barking chant before this run of K-pop concerts? You've never heard it at events or celebrations, you've only ever heard it used as sexual harassment?

  11. At sports events where people have that kind of pack mentality but definitely not at concerts especially ones where the main act is a group of women. The same creep who did it to loona at kcon also attended twice's concerts where this apparently started for kpop so that's where I'm keeping my blame.

  12. I am gonna tag on to this one, if you perfume/cologne wear some to start the day and your line up and slap some on before the show. Goes a long way for your smell to others and what you are smelling as it goes on

  13. I would honestly recommend not doing this - the scent is going to meld with everything else IMO. It's like someone not washing their clothes but spraying Febreeze on them instead, sometimes it smells worse somehow.

  14. thats exactly it! the connotations of the barking are being someones dog, petplay, dom/sub dynamics. thats how it started anyway - "let me be your dog ill bark for you" it has sexual connotations and its not funny...

  15. If announcing a proshot encourages less people to record the entire fucking concert on their phone, then I'm all for it

  16. We haven't had a good ol' fashioned visa fuckup (presumably) in K-pop in a while

  17. Because new infos that leaked recently were all saying the label was forcing her for an another album and she was saying on the stories she's writing new songs instead

  18. I guess I'm just not getting it lol. If the album is scrapped and she has to write another album, then why say "Nothing is scrapped" and "it's limbo"? This implies to me that she thinks it's still on the table, even if it's in dev hell.

  19. I took it to mean that the songs would have had to be planned for release in order to be considered scrapped. Since the label didn't accept them they didn't even get to that stage.

  20. I guess that's a potential reading, but I can't reconcile her saying

  21. you think? it seems pretty common for artists to play jersey and call it “nyc/nj” lol

  22. It's not super common for K-pop – just scanning through

  23. I've tried basically every meal prep/delivery service out there. I will say that Hello Fresh provides the best meals/ingredients out of all of them.

  24. My boyfriend did Hello Fresh for a bit when he basically had no idea how to cook and wanted an easy way to start without all the decision-making involved – it took an hour in the beginning but by the end of it he got pretty close to the estimated time. He just got better at knife skills, multi-tasking, and timing

  25. Well I guess I was wrong then... I don't have any experience with US shows, I just watched a lot of YT fancams or concert streams and it always seemed somehow better than Korean concerts.

  26. No, but those are very recent exceptions to the rule.

  27. Sorry, I'm more familar with who has toured in the US.

  28. A "woo woo woo" chant is very common to hear at events in the US, typically sports (it originated with a specific sports team) but other events too - occasionally a concert. But for some reason it has absolutely exploded with the recent run of K-pop concerts in the US and you'll likely hear a lot of it at any K-pop event you go to in the US for the foreseeable future

  29. Hyunjin thoroughly disliked her first meal in America and is just going to eat cup ramen at the hotel. I think I convinced her to give American cuisine another chance and gave her some restaurant recommendations.

  30. I figured out what she specifically ordered lol

  31. ik you mean no harm and this was posted hours after she left the place but next time please don't post any info of where they might be until atleast a day later. we all know how crazy stalkers are and it's always best if we don't unintentionally feed into it and endanger the girls

  32. Well, all I did was use Google Lens on the photo she uploaded herself. Anyone can do it two seconds. If someone wants to have a conversation with the members about not uploading images until a day has passed then... sure, but I don't think you're going to be very successful.

  33. did anything happen to angelskimi’s insane stalker?

  34. He was still adding to his manifesto as of last month

  35. bring cash money for snacks/merch, comfortable clothes, small backpack for your id/documents/change of clothes since you're probably going to sweat a lot, stay hydrated, eat before going to the concert, plan your way out / ride home, if you're going on your own, let friends/relatives know where you are

  36. oh as a foreigner, i didn’t know how strict these avenues were. thanks for pointing this out to op and everyone

  37. No worries! Just wanted to make sure OP didn't have to ditch their bag or get sent back to the end of the line lol

  38. Always funny how people who don't want to be on camera intentionally stand/walk/talk to people with a camera after...

  39. its funny because no one gives a fuck. You're basically an NPC until you start arguing to not be filmed and make yourself important enough for people to pay attention and never forget you and make fun of you even more

  40. This entire concept has been a mess since it was first announced

  41. Just based on some quick machine translations, it seems like this is a literal translation of the concept from some languages (like German - Haar offen)

  42. It was revealed years later that Jennie had an ankle injury during her "lazy dancing" scandal. YG is so shit for not explaining at the time.

  43. I heard that ankle injuries never fully heal, don’t know if it’s actually true.

  44. My thing is that this theory only came to light in 2020 by combining pictures in a forum post, and prior to that people knew about her ankle but did not identify it as an issue – including fans and actual backup dancers. They announced her 2016 injury, she talked about her 2020 injury during a break... so why not discuss it during the """scandal"""? It feels like fans retroactively trying to """clear her name""" (following attempts to assign it to everything from depression to protesting against YG).

  45. Congrats to Itzy. Also my gosh BB needs to retire these second paragraphs for the kpop groups.

  46. ? I feel like they've been taking great measures to spell out factors for nearly everyone.

  47. Stan was first used as a sort of slur some years back, it kinda meant international sasaeng in a way. It wasn't a nice word to be called. It all started based on the song by Eminem, which depicts an obsessive fan who ends up murdering his wife as a result of Eminem "ignoring" him.

  48. Yeah this is my experience too. From meaning scary fan > superfan > just a synonym for fan

  49. agreed, but it wasnt a discussion when i stanned like it is now, which is why i think that (now that people are older/more aware of it), we should be able to call it out and make other people aware of it

  50. I don't mean to be dismissive but it was absolutely a discussion.

  51. But it's not a blanket statement if it's true 😅 Wikipedia by itself is not reliable. Something unsourced on Wikipedia is not reliable, you need the sources

  52. If you don’t think the validity of something is true on a Wikipedia article, then you can look at the reference and bibliography tabs to find out where exactly they got that source of information from. If they don’t have a source connecting to the statement made, it’s common sense to not believe that the statement is valid then. You’re acting as if I haven’t already stated before this comment about the source tabs. I have also said many times “most” Wikipedia pages, not all. I do acknowledge the fact that not all Wikipedia pages are reliable, but to say all, given that several have valid sources, is a blanket statement.

  53. It's just funny because your original comment comes off as

  54. This is half a joke and half a more general serious question (I won't be there anyway), but:

  55. I mean, it's mostly just a matter of having enough people go along with it. Like, "ten people can be a pit but just one person is an asshole" type deal

  56. Of course I would only continue if people go along with it. I am a very active person at concerts, I just need to translate my emotions into dancing (respecting the surrounding people of course).

  57. Godspeed. Yeah DC at Primavera should be the second example – in both cases, they were at a larger non-K-pop-focused festival, just something to keep in mind

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