1. I hate parents bro , so disappointing, just let your kid enjoy something for once god damn

  2. YTA. You make aunts everywhere look bad

  3. lmao its a re occurring glitch, I seen the Lamar model in so many unrelated missions lately

  4. dudes credibility for future leaks just went through the roof

  5. Why? Umetumwa na nani? Is this supposed to be funny? Because I don’t see it.

  6. na wewe nani amekutuma? ur late, post imefungwa, plus there is a "lol" right there

  7. Mods have been deleting these which I find very odd. Don't understand why these images scare people instead of getting them to see the power they actually hold.

  8. Took a break from apex at sn 7 came back halfway this sn...currently playing pubs althouth its sweaty if you dont have squadmates you can play with on a regular. Ranked im around silver 2 but stopped playing.

  9. Not just therapy, my anti depressant medication that is literally keeping me sane/alive costs 4k a month.

  10. what meds are those and are the side effects bad

  11. I listen to those thunderstorm videos on youtube lol hella calming + sleep

  12. ni ukweli, for me nikama all my material needs were met but when it came to emotional it wasn't the case. for that reason siko close na wazazi up to today. I still feel uncomfortable dealing with them if it isn't for material needs, na my mental health imesuffer because of it. It doesnt help that mi ni first born (m) kuna time nilidecide kuopen up lakini ilifall on deaf ears, sijajaribu tena

  13. Opening up an African house ni blunder kubwa sana...what I've learned is to just to stay in my lane. Look for friends who respect me and take me the way I am l.

  14. yeah, I learned that the hard way unfortunately

  15. My account was deleted (not by me), when I found out, I reached out to epic games support, and they said I need to send them the receipt of my first ever purchase (I remember it was fortnite), I went to my email, I searched for epic games, and all of the receipts were deleted, like they were never sent to me, I told them about it and they said they can't recover my account unless I send them this receipt. I had lots of stuff in fortnite like the Stealth Reflex & Reflex skin 2 planeurs 2 pioches 2 backpack that came with my GPU, and also other games are gone. Is there a way that u can help?

  16. same exact thing happened to me, all epic receipts randomly deleted. I'm so mad, they said they cant help without receipts, so I doubt we can get our accounts back. never using epic again

  17. What's worse, I think, is when I see all these comments about just going and living in the wilderness, I always wonder to myself where could you even do that? Every inch of land is either public or private owned, there's no staking a claim. So if house prices are absurd, you can't find a job, or you don't want to be a slave all your life, there is nowhere that you can go and just exist without someone coming and chasing you away eventually. Which in essence means it's illegal to exist outside of established societal rules.

  18. EXACTLY, and that's a place I truly wish existed, one without these societal rules. We shouldn't be forced to participate.

  19. 6 mins in and I'm hooked, thanks for sharing

  20. I (20F) feel the exact same. My parents are extremely supportive and so are the members of my extended family. I can clearly see how much they care for me and the hope they hold for me and my future. I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts for years and I thought “it’s just a phase” but phases don’t last 5+ years. As you said, it feels as if I’m trapped in a mins prison I cannot escape from. I know that when I ended all I won’t feel anything, not even the pain of my loved ones but at the same time I care right now, while I’m still alive and just the thought of hurting them in such a way, even if I’m not there to see their pain, makes me feel trapped, as if this life choice is not in my own hands. And I honestly don’t know how much more I can endure. I don’t know if it will be worth ensuring this worldly suffering at the expense of not letting their hopes for me down.

  21. Reading this felt like staring into a mirror. Everyone is so hopeful for my future too and it just makes me feel worse about feeling this way. I also don't khow how much longer I can endure being trapped here. I've been dealing with this for 5+years too, hoping and trying to get better with no luck. its always felt like we are given a life and not a choice, and it's so unfair. I know it's only temporary, but I feel some peace knowing I'm not the only one. I appreciate your comment.

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